DMT – Data Migration Toolkit

DMT (Data Migration Toolkit) v3.0

I have added some features to the very simple tool (which was born to launch only XML), they are simple but they can be useful.


  • Delete Data from Tables
  • ALL Sessions Killer
  • Table Runner
  • XMLPort Runner
  • XMLPort Runner LOG

And an example of XML (simple).


ON MENU’ – Search for “DMT



Delete Data from Tables

It allows you to delete data from the tables (for those allowed to date, I would say almost all!)



ALL Sessions Killer

Used to kill hanging sessions (without going through the Admin console); also on this page they see ALL the active sessions (I removed the standard filters)



XMLPort Runner

Already published previously, it allows you to launch an XMLPort in import \ export


XMLPort Runner LOG

Structure to manage a minimum of LOG by launching XMLPorts, manageable at will as needed; useful for logging import errors (or understanding where they are).



Table Runner

It allows you to open a table directly in a new instance of the browser (I see what has been loaded by XMLport or what contains the table)


Source on Github—Data-Migration-Toolkit


Old Release : XMLPorts Runner

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