Business Central Send Email with Multi Attachments

Business Central Send Email with Multi Attachments

The purpose of this APP is to be able to send an email with a series of attachments; in this case the email is sent to the user (to himself) so that it can then be changed in the email client before sending. In practice, both the Master document (ex Purchase Order) and all attachments are sent in bulk (obviously, keep an eye on the size of the files!).

It is therefore useful to be able to send blocks of attachments to a document.

Sendmail Multi Attachments Process

  • Master Document (es Purchase Order) + ALL Linked Documents (attachments) will be sent


Code sample


Before using the function, however, you need to add your email address in the user setup.


Use the “Attachments function” to insert attachments (example on Purchase Order page)

Select necessary files to use as attachments which will then have to be sent

By pressing the “Send attached documents” button, an email is automatically sent with attachments, the printout of the order in pdf and all the files associated with the order at the user email set.

As already mentioned, the purpose is to prepare an email complete with all attachments in addition to the master document to be sent in bulk to the user. Then you can send it to whoever you need after changing it from the mail client.


…with ALL attachments!


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