How to receive more items than ordered in Business Central

How to receive more items than ordered in Business Central


When you receive more goods than ordered, you may want to keep them rather than cancel the receipt. For example, it might be cheaper to keep the excess in inventory than to return it, or the supplier might offer a discount to accept it.

“How-To” configure excess receipts

You need to define a percentage by which to allow the ordered quantity to be exceeded when receiving. This is defined in an over-receipt code, which contains the percentage in the % tolerance for over-receiving field. Then you assign the code to the cards of the relevant items and / or sellers.


Configure an over-receipt code

On Item Card

Assign over-receipt code to items.

The “overrun code” is assigned to the item. Any purchase order or inventory receipt for the item now allows you to receive more than the ordered quantity based on the specified receipt tolerance percentage.


You can set up an approval workflow to require that excessive receipts must be approved before they can be handled. If so, you must check the Approval required checkbox on the Excessive Reception Codes page.

“How-to” perform an excess reception

On the purchase lines and warehouse receipt lines, the Receipt Excess Quantity field is used to record the excess received quantities, that is, quantities that exceed the value in the Quantity field, the quantity ordered. When handling excess receipt, you can increase the value in the Qty. To Receive field by the quantity actually received. The Excess Received Quantity field is then updated to show the excess quantity. The Qty to Receive field is then updated to show the quantity ordered plus the excess.

If the increase is within the tolerance specified by the assigned Over Receive Code, the Over Receive Quantity field is updated to show the quantity that the value in the Quantity field has exceeded.


On Purchase Order Card


After posting

Item Ledger Entries


Business Central does not include functionality to automatically initiate financial administration of over receipts. 

3 thoughts on “How to receive more items than ordered in Business Central

  • 17 February 2022 at 4:30 AM

    Hello Roberto,
    Thanks for the details above.

    Is there a way to see the original qty that was ordered.
    This is to be able to see what qty was ordered and what the received qty is.
    The customer wants to be able to identify this so they can see which vendors are doing this more often as an example.


  • 9 August 2022 at 5:49 PM

    can you do this with a Purchase order that is linked to a Sales Order?


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