Repurposed Role Centers in Business Central 2020 Wave 2

Repurposed Role Centers in Business Central 2020 Wave 2

About Role Centers

The Role Center is the home page, a landing page that is designed for the needs of a specific role in an organization. Depending on your role, the Role Center gives you an overview of the business, your department, or your personal tasks.

“*** With this release, we made the list of available roles clearer. GREAT!

Role Centers in Business Central 2020 Wave2

Role Center overview

We hope users will be able to find a Role Center that fits their needs better. Remember that you can always enhance your Role Center by bookmarking a page or report, or by hiding or unhiding parts.”

The following table reflects the list of “excluded roles”.

Repurposed role centers: NEW CAPTIONS AND CONTENT

We slightly repurposed the existing Role Centers to make them more focused on a department’s needs.



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