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  1. I think there should be a space in between User and ID in the connection string. EG
    Server=SERVER\INSTANCE;Database=DATABASENAME;User ID=xx ;Password=xxxxx;
    Server=SERVER\INSTANCE;Database=DATABASENAME;UserID=xx ;Password=xxxxx;
    I also found testing the connection in Integration Runtime Configuration Manager needed the double \\ between the hostname and instance, but not when you are actually writing the connection string.

  2. Hi Roberto,

    Thnaks for your post as always. I have one siomple question. Once de integretion runtime is ready, and made one migration, is there any way to “restart2 it, and setup a new configuration? I don’t inde the way….

    Thank you again!

  3. Hello Roberto

    Great post.

    Where can I find the Integration Runtime Name? I have followed yor explanation about that but I am get an error in the BC Data Migration Setup when I inform the Integration Runtime Name.

    If I left this field blank (as shown in the officel guide ) I get the error “Failed to create your integration runtime.”. If I inform a random name (as in your explanation) I get a different error: “There is insufficient memory to execute this function. This can be caused by recursive function calls. Contact your system administrator.”.

    Where can I find this name? I don’t have any integration runtime created before. I have installed the integration runtime shelf-hosted.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Iñaki,

      I have the same problem as you. I worked with this feature one ocassion in the past without any problem, but now I have the same problem.

      Could you fix it?.

      Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello Álvaro
    I didn’t do anything special bur after two or three days without doing anything it worked. The only thing I did was reboot the server where the onpremise database was located.
    May be in theese days the SaaS version was upgraded (and solved the problem) but I left the “Integration Runtime Name” field blanked and the process went on without any problem. The onpremise version was 17.4 and (I think) Saas version was 17.5.
    Sorry not to help more.

    1. Hi Iñaki,

      Thanks for your reply. I rebooted the server where the onpremise database was located without success.

      It’s strange because with 17.4 (I think) Saas version the process worked. I thought it could be because of the update to version 17.5 of Saas.

      I fill the “Integration Runtime Name” because I already have an instance installed but if I leave the field empty I also get an error.

      I will keep triying.


  5. Hi Roberto,

    Great post about the On Prem migration to Cloud. We are currently doing some tests for moving to a SaaS environment one of our customers, and we are having some issue: the attachment existing attachment documents are not migrated to the SaaS Business Central. Have you faced this issue?

    Thanks in advance,


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