App updates on AppSource are automatically updated in two ways:

Automatically by Microsoft with each monthly platform update

From the partner or customer (anticipating the automatic monthly update) by going to the Admin Center (specific Apps section) and in case of availability of an update updating from there.

Currently, it is not possible to automatically send an update notification. If needed, you can do it partner when you see that the new version of your app has been approved. This thing instead happens for all the other Microsoft APPs on other portals (notification of availability of new APP versions via email)

Will I add the request in Microsoft Ideas? Of course.


Access the respective customer’s Admin Center.

Select the environment (production or sandbox), on which you want to update the Apps.


In this case, it was decided to update the Sandbox environment.

Click the “Apps” button.

In the initial phase, the system is checking the latest version available for each installed App.

Checking Phase

APPS STATUS: a status is reported for each App:

  • Install update: there are updates available and you can proceed to install the update.

  • Action required: there are updates available but you cannot proceed installing the update as you must first install another App. There are therefore installation requirements

  • Up to date: there are no updates available

  • Update is scheduled: the update has been started and is being installed

For example, in this case an APP cannot be installed if you do not first update another APP (base App in this case for the other app) to the latest version available.

If you try to install the new updated APP without first updating the depended APPS, you will get the following message:

When updating, the following confirmation message will be reported:

During the update, the status will be as follows:

Refresh to check the update status and completion of it.

Procedures completed correctly, all APPs have been updated.

See you at the next post!

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