Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Scritta Merry Christmas da ritagliare | Natale 25

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


This hard and unhappy year finally comes to an end, let’s hope the next one is better!

For next year, we think “positive” (but not in the sense of the “Covid buffer”, for Covid my family has already given enough this year…)


I leave you the list of the most popular posts in the year, they could be useful to someone.

Most popular posts in 2020 (TOP 100)

Statistics: last 365 days to 22 December 2020 (Report)

Barcodes & QRCodes in Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS,3902

Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2 is available!,2958

Business Central SaaS – Kill Sessions,2736

Business Central – How to make it go FAST!,2642

Page Extension Vs Page Customization in Business Central,2515

Business Central, deleting records from some tables for “Go-Live”,2342

NAV 2017 “Task Scheduler”,2328

“ALL About How To Boost Dynamics NAV Server”,2292


Business Central SaaS Exporting Database Backup and Restore it on your Sql Server,2268

Business Central Send Email with Multi Attachments,2255

Post and Print function in Business Central,1987

“How to print reports to PDF and send email”,1979

Error “cannot be used” for “Extension” development,1799

Build and Deploy an APP in NAV 2018 and in MSDYN365BC On-premise – Fast Checklist,1778

“How-to” use the restored Business Central SaaS database on On-premise environment – Part II,1749

Business Central 2020 Wave1 – ALL Distributions,1726


Business Central 2020 WAVE 1 What’s New – FAST TRACKS,1646

Business Central Workflows with Power Automate integration,1636

XMLPorts Runner for Business Central SaaS,1532

Business Central, fast debugging with AL Object Designer,1515

Integrate MVC Web Applications with Business Central SOAP,1469

Business Central consumption of Web Services from PHP,1462

“How-To” Business Central Sandbox Environments,1436

Technical Upgrade MSDYN365 On-premise v14 to v15 (Release 2019 Wave 2),1431

Business Central Queries VS Views,1358

Creating new instances of Business Central web servers using PowerShell,1340

Business Central 2020 Wave 1 Cloud is live!,1311

Development Coding Rules and Naming Conventions for Microsoft AL,1297

Business Central 2020 Wave 2 Preview – Testing some new features,1254

PowerApps integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online,1231

OData Web Services – About Using Filter Expressions,1227

Working Days in Date Calculation,1199

ALL About NAV 2018 Web Client Personalization,1169

Business Central AL Interfaces,1164

Consuming Business Central APIs from Python,1159

“ALL ABOUT Kill (In)active Sessions when “no more licenses””,1152

Item Attributes in Business Central,1138

Business Central Debug on different Sandboxes,1121


How to distribute NAV views and user personalizations,1043

What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central,1004

Change Global Dimensions in NAV 2018,992

Intercompany in Business Central,983

MSDYN365BC On-premise VS Cloud (SaaS) Battle Cards,946

Data Upgrade from NAV 2013 to NAV 2018 Step by Step – by Suraj Patel,938

Business Central – The Cloud Data Migration Tool,938


“How to create a report on BC”,914

Configure MAXDOP (max degree of parallelism) on SQL Server 2016… 2019),904

Detect Deadlocks in old NAVs,884

NAV 2017 with Office 365 and Sharepoint Integration,880

From NAV 2009 to NAV 2018 – Timeline of Features,877

Business Central Breaking Changes,852

Bound Actions in Dynamics NAV & Business Central,842

Business Central how to invoke a Web Service from Powershell,830

Business Central: Delete User Configurations and Personalizations,826

“How to display picture from file in Item Picture Page”,824

Import Payrolls in Business Central,805

Portable Kanban and Kanban for Outlook Addins,805

NAV 2013 SQL Query Codeunit Tool (SQL From NAV Part II),804

How to restart a job in “Error or “Frozen Completed” status”,796

Business Central Execute Queries from Pages,795

What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central,792

Physical Inventory Orders in Business Central,786

Business Central page background tasks,771

Business Central 2020 Wave2 Launch Virtual Event, October 21 (Free to Attend),752

“Create New Dimension ID to import dimension values from buffer table”,750
Business Central two-factor authentication (2FA)”,725

Testing Jobs and Reports Scheduling with a Date Formula,717

SQL Server Performance with Business Central,712

Business Central On-premise 2019 Release Wave 2,707

Business Central: Camera from Browser and Mobile APP,705

How to grant external accountant access with Dynamics 365 Business Central,701

“How -to” restrict multiple logins for same user in NAV,700

My Books,696

Debit, Credit and Amount fields in General Journals Entries page,630

Microsoft’s solution for COVID-19 is a free Teams subscription for six months,626

Mastering Filters in Business Central,608

Substituting Reports,595


Business Central – BCContainer Wizard Steps,543

AL Language Tools,518

Business Central 2020 Wave1 Preview is available,500

How To setup “Keep Alive Interval setting NAV2016-NAV2017”,495

Security Filters in Business Central,481

Business Central Virtual Entities and CDS,477

Custom Workflows in AL: Email Validation,470

How to receive more items than ordered in Business Central,463

Data Migration from NAV to Business Central OnCloud – Part I,457

Xamarin Apps with Business Central integration – Part I,454

NAV 2017 Upgrade Error: Invalid column name ‘Session Unique ID’,451

Powershell Script to create a “Self-Signed Certificate” that works on Dynamics NAV Ipad APP,447

Application Foundation with the Microsoft AL programming language,444

NAV 2016 Managing Sending Documents Features,427

A new Business Central General Manager,425

DMT – Data Migration Toolkit,422

Duplicated Permissions Sets in Business Central SaaS,417

AL Object Designer, a nice first Step to RAD?,416

Business Central Certifications WIP,415

Count Records in Tables on Business Central SaaS,404


Best wishes to all!

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