Business Central “free to use” Graphical Scheduler

Business Central “free to use” Graphical Scheduler

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Graphical Scheduler is an app for Business Central (free to use to date) that can be used to view and schedule on the time line (a Gantt Analysis) production orders, resources allocated to both Assembly and Orders, reading also from various other data sources and the possibility of activating a customized source to retrieve other data.

There are still some functionalities in experimental mode but I must say that it is very interesting, I have done some tests which I illustrate below. Obviously there are several products that do much more complex things but this is “free to use” and easy to use, I want to report it to the community.


Here are a few considerations to consider prior to using the scheduler.

  1. The Graphical Scheduler is a tool to assist production in the manufacturing module of Business Central, it does not replace the Business Central scheduling functionality.

  2. You must have your production and manufacturing configured to effectively use the Graphical Scheduler.

The “Graphical Scheduler Views” page will allow for the creation of different views of the Graphical Scheduler. These will be accessible to any user that has access to the Graphical Scheduler


Open Marketplace and search for “Graphical Scheduler

APP Details

The extension has been installed


How to configure – documentation


You can change Dates & Views

You can navigate on:

  • Production Orders
  • Jobs
  • Assembly Orders
  • Other data Sources

You can also create news Views (Scenarios) with “Copy to” function

You can activate and test experimental features & Custom Data Sources

You can easily change the filters related to data extraction, it’s possible to create combination mixes line by line.

It’s possible

  • navigate on the data displayed at the moment (details)
  • reschedule with Drag & Drop or via the data table (schedule)

A complete view of the scheduling of Production Orders and Jobs

Advanced Data Source Configuration


Schedule a single JOB

Set Job Filter (on My Job)

BINGO!  Nice tool!

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