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  1. I have a few questions about this. I believe in a Business Central Environment you can have multiple company databases. If the reason you are restoring is to fix an issue in Company Database A, it doesn’t make sense to also restore Company Database B, C, D etc. How does Business Central handle this type of event?

    My other question is, a customer can have Business Central linked to Sales Professional, if transactions were posted in Sales Professional and the Business Central environment was restored, would you also restore the Sales Professional environment to the exact same point in time? If you don’t do that how can you re-process the Sales Professional items which would be showing as complete, but now not appearing in Business Central due to the environment being restored.

    I have been trying to find this information and so far unable to find a clear set of instructions.

    1. hi,
      1 – The single database (production or sandbox) is restored to the recovery point (max 30 days), not all the databases or the entire tenant together.
      (restoring one by one)

      2 – No, to date I don’t think there are links between the two environments (the db), there could be the problem and it should be managed (it would be the same also for BC onpremise). You could open a ticket to Microsoft to ask about this topic.


  2. THansks for reply, not sure I have explained myself correctly.

    In Business Central, you can have 1 Production environment and 3 sandbox environments.
    I am just talking about the 1 Production environment – within that you can have multiple company databases. It appears you can only restore the entire Production Environment and not the individual company databases within that environment.

    So… If there is a problem with a single company database inside that production environment and the other 2,3,4, however many company databases you have in that production environment. it doesn’t make sense to also restore those, but it looks like we have no choice, the entire production environment needs to be restored

    1. Hi
      To date (both for the customer admin user and the partner user…) only the restore of the PRODUCTION environment (or sandboxex) is allowed, which restores the entire database of that environment, so if, for example, Production is restored and there are 3 company in it, the system restores all 3 companies (a complete DB).

      Hidden system is SQL Azure and a multitenant system (you can see it when you bring the Cloud DB locally, exa,ple on SQL Server 2019)
      in practice we have access to single tenants where there is only 1 PRODUCTION DB (no more DBs … to date) or in any case if we created more localized DBs (e.g. SPAIN) and put it on the same tenant, the system always restores a database to the time (not all tenant db).

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