Custom images in Business Central List Pages


The ideal would be a mediaset field, unfortunately, the display from the web client in the lists is not perfect, you need to use brickview to view; in this case, we can still use the old technology based on blob fields (deprecated).

“Hi, do you know if there is any way of displaying Mediaset fields in list pages without using brickview?”

What is the alternative (NOT using brickview) in the WebClient using Media fields instead of BLOBS (without using external components such as Meta UI)?”

Example with Mediaset field

Example with Brick field group


Back to the past

Example with Blob Fields

Let’s go back to the old management with BLOB Fields

While it’s not the best (and Microsoft deprecated it in theory), the resolution from the web client is better.

You have to create images and import them with an importStream function (e.g. images that determine the progress status)

BMP Images

The images must be at least 64×64 bmp to have a decent rendering on Web Client

Ex: Images (taken from others ERP)

Upload images

It is done through a page for uploading new images or replacing existing ones


Ex: Analysis of transfer order shipping progress

AL Code – sample


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