Business Central 2021 Wave1 Preview – testing some features – Part 2

Business Central 2021 Wave1 Preview – testing some features – Part 2

In this second part of the post, we talk about some features released and present in this Preview Release of Business Central 2021 Wave1 (the most interesting ones…), others are only mentioned.

There are obviously many others too, which we will see immediately after the product launch (as I always do).

“Availability by Lot” page

You now have a list of lots with on-hand quantities, plus expected incoming and outgoing transactions, such as sales, purchase, transfer, assembly, or production orders.

More control over settings for Default Dimensions

Instead of allowing users to pick just any dimension value, when the dimension Value Posting is set to Code Mandatory, using Allowed Dimension Values in the Default Dimensions page, users can now pick from a predefined list of allowed dimension values that controlling, finance, or accounting departments choose as valid for particular master data, documents, or transaction posting in Business Central.

Variant code added to production order header, plus limited support for production BOMs and routes on stockkeeping units

Now, a new Variant Code field is added to the production order header, so you can specify not only the locations, but also the variant to produce.

Define “lot sizes” for various stages of production

Companies have more flexibility when they define lot sizes, and can use the sizes when calculating duration times for production orders. In addition to the ability to specify lot sizes on routing lines, you now can also set lot sizes on the following pages:

  • Routing version
  • Planning worksheet
  • In various production orders directly

Inventory documents: “Inventory Receipt and Inventory Shipment”

New capability to adjust your inventory

You can use inventory documents to reprint an item journal after you post it. You can use the Inventory Receipt and Inventory Shipment documents to adjust your inventory. You can print these documents at any stage, release and reopen them, and assign common values, including dimensions, in the header.


  • Use for Inventory Receipt to register an increase of inventory. For example, this is useful when preparing to go live or adding open balances.
  • Use Inventory Shipment to write off missing or damaged goods

Entries are “Positive adjustments” and “Negative Adjustments”

Inventory Receipts

Inventory Shipment 

Similar to the management seen above, it is used for free shipping; entries are “Negative adjustments”.

Simplified bank statement file import

For most businesses, it is important to keep an updated ledger to reflect your business bank account. In this update, we simplify the bank statement import capability, so that users can take a regular flat file (.csv, .txt), and map the file’s columns to fields in Business Central.

“Bin Codes” in Jobs

Bins are basic storage units in warehouses. For locations that use bins, Business Central uses a system of default bins to support warehouse handling tasks. When a user creates a job planning line or a job journal line and specifies the item number and location code, the default bin is automatically suggested. Users can choose a different bin by using the Lookup action to open the Bin Content page.

Use one-dimensional barcodes in reports (Business Central online) – BARCODE

This release wave adds fonts to generate one-dimensional barcodes in Business Central production and sandbox environments. This means that any custom layouts using the fonts will work.

Webinar 19 Marzo 2021, Business Central 2021 Wave1 Preview – ITA

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