Business Central – Import Item Attributes from .CSV File

Business Central – Import Item Attributes from .CSV File

In this short post I point out a utility to import item attributes from a .csv file after modifying them in Excel.

The system uses a page and an XMLport to import the .CSV file, it could be convenient to use it given the non-linear structure of the attributes management, or build a structure with RapidStart package.


Items Attribute List

In this list (complete list or filterable via filters)

all the attributes associated with the items are present, the list as mentioned can be filtered and sorted as desired.

To proceed with the modification you can save the list in excel (Open in Excel), the file structure is already set up to be imported.

After making the changes and the insertions in Excel, it will be sufficient to save the file in “.csv” format (with only the lines changed) and then press the “Import attributes from file” button.


Open in Excel

Import Item Attributes

After editing \ adding attributes in Excel, you can save the .CSV file to import them

Click on “import attribute from file”

Import from CVS File

Select the csv file and confirm

At the end of the processing, a summary window indicates the result.


Import Error LOG
The detail of the error is indicated as it occurs.



The xmlport allows only the massive insertion of data, not the modification, in the latter case you should first delete the data to be modified and then through the same the xmlport load the modified data.


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  • 27 March 2021 at 12:09 PM

    Shouldn’t you add protection for the deleteall on the OpenPage?

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