2 thoughts on “Word Templates and Word merge in Business Central

  1. Thank you for your advice!

    In my opinion this is a big step back in comparison to NAV2018.

    – It’s not possible to insert Salutation formular.
    – It’s not possible for the User to write letters or e_mails from the contact and store them in the activity.

    Or do you have Soultions for these issues or knowledge that Micrisoft is working on these issues?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. @Lorenz,
    You are right, Salutations are missing in Word Templates (Codeunit 5045, WordManagement).
    And as Microsoft failed in BC18 to add Events which allow us to add additional Fields (like the salutations), we – developers – don’t stand much chance to correct that.

    Missing salutations is an issue since 2005 when I first came into contact with Word-Templates in Navision. As this problem is known by Microsoft but has not been addressed in the last 16 years, I have little hope that Microsoft will address it in then next 10 years. So no, the chances that Microsoft is working on this issue is close to Zero.

    Furthermore, the programming code of the WordManagement codeunit is mostly commented as “obsolete” which let’s me assume that the Word Template functionality will either disappear completely in the next 1-2 years (thus 2022-2023) or be replaced by something newer, better and more Cloud-compatible.

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