Business Central rel. 18.3 – The “Data Administration” Page

Business Central rel. 18.3 – The “Data Administration” Page

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, administrators have different options for handling table and database sizes; until now, these options have been available through several different pages and roles. With this new page, all processes are displayed in a single place. An in-product assistant can be used for guidance.

These features were already present in Dynamics NAV, have been reintroduced from Business Central release 18.3 also in Business Central (from a request entered and voted on in Microsoft Ideas).

The two most important features to use are:

  • Data Clean-Up
  • Date Compression 

These features are to be used with caution after having made at least one backup; the scope is to reduce space, optimize tables, and streamline the system to make it faster and more efficient.

Risultato immagine per clean up Risultato immagine per date compression

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The “Data Administration” Main Page – ALL in one place!


Step-by Step Guide

Data Admin guide Setup – Step-by-step guide explaining what can be done\handled by the page

Example: Guide for Date Compression tool


#1 – The “Data Clean-Up” – Section

This feature allows the deletion of data that is no longer useful and can be deleted; many are deletions of history tables that can easily be deleted.


#2 – The “Date Compression” – Section

It allows date compression (data historicization) by creating summary data and eliminating transactional entries.

Date Compress Utilities – example

Example for Wharehouse entries compression

and.. direct Access to “Retention Policy Page” for maintenance