What’s planned for Business Central 2022 Wave1

What’s planned for Business Central 2022 Wave1

The features that will be released in Business Central 2022 Wave1 have been announced (released in April and in Preview from March as has been the case for some years now)

Below are some that I think are very interesting, for the details and the complete list of features you can see the link to the page on Microsoft Docs.


Allow the sell-to and bill-to customers to be different for jobs

We’ve added Sell-to and Ship-to field groups to the Jobs page. Existing jobs will be updated automatically, and these new fields will inherit values from the respective fields in the Bill-to group that was already available.

Consolidate customer and vendor balances

You can turn a contact company into a customer or vendor by using the Create as Customer or Create as Vendor actions on the Contact Card page.

New UI for entering demand forecasts to add support for variant code and other improvements

You can already register the anticipated demand not only with respect to locations and dates, but with item variants as well in the Demand Forecast Entries page directly or use the Edit in Excel action for bulk editing.

Set default dimensions on locations

You can now set default dimensions for a location on the Location Card page by choosing Location, and then Dimensions.

Report selection for jobs

The Report Selections for Jobs page lets users specify which report object will be used to print job quotes if you use the Jobs module to manage your projects

Report Selection - Job.

Support inventory pick and warehouse pick operations for jobs

Enable internal warehouse activities for jobs to ensure an effective flow through the warehouse and to organize and maintain company inventories.

Use different G/L accounts for payables and receivables transactions

You can enable alterations of default customer or vendor posting groups by choosing Allow Alteration of Posting Group on the Sales and Receivable Setup and Service Mgt. Setup pages for customer posting group changes, and the Purchases and Payables Setup page for vendor posting group changes.

Better with Microsoft 365

Enhancements to Microsoft Teams integration

When a link to the Business Central web client is shared to Microsoft Teams, either though the Share feature or by copying a link from the web client, Teams automatically displays a preview of the link as a compact card, revealing the essential fields for that record.

  • From the Details window, you can open the full Business Central experience in the browser. With the addition of this feature, the Popout button on adaptive cards may be removed.

Outlook add-in – add email attachments to Business Central records

The email inbox often serves as a source of incoming files that initiate or unblock workflows, such as PDF invoices for payment, photos of damaged goods, customer requirements in Word documents, or part specifications listed in Excel.


Isolated events

Extensions shouldn’t be able to block critical processes such as sign-in or opening role centers. A failing extension should result in a degraded experience—not no experience at all.

Isolated events work like Codeunit.Run:

  • Each subscriber is executed in its own transaction.
  • Failures cause the transaction to be rolled back.
  • Errors are trapped and execution continues.

Auto-deploy dependent projects in workspace

To optimize the experience and remove unnecessary manual work, deploying an AL project in a Visual Studio Code workspace will traverse the project dependency graph in the workspace and install any required projects if these are not already deployed to the NST server.

Demo tool and demo data for manufacturing scenarios

To help partners demonstrate the premium capabilities of Business Central, we are making the demo tool and demo data available for manufacturing scenarios.

The demo tool and demo data set will be available for scenarios in manufacturing as an extension that you can install on any environment.

Presales specialists can run the tool on top of Cronus or My Company and get the setup and demo data they’ll need when they demonstrate various scenarios in the manufacturing space. Both the demo tool and the demo data set are available on product media as source code.


In-client performance profiler

As customer administrators and power users to capture a user flow from within the web client, and view high-level information about time spent in the web client.

Video incorporato

AL-Go for GitHub – modern DevOps for partners

By making continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) virtually free in terms of investment, more partners adopt this practice, which leads to a higher quality in apps for Business Central.

Users can export report datasets to XML

Users and developers can get report datasets in XML that they can then use to either archive the data for compliance or integration scenarios, or to troubleshoot the reports during development.

Governance and administration

Customer-managed encryption key for encrypting customer data at-rest

This capability will allow customers to meet their data and privacy policy according to the standard privacy guidelines.

Allow security administrator to define default permission set assignments when user is signing up

Business Central security administrators can define which permission sets or user groups are assigned by default to a user when they sign up. Specifying which permission sets or user groups are relevant for a license or plan helps the administrator ensure that the user has the right access from the start.

Microsoft Power Platform

Improvements to the Power Automate and Power Apps connector

Being able to use Business Central and Power Platform with great confidence is essential these days. Users are empowered to enhance and integrate Business Central using no-code/low-code tools such as Power Automate or Power Apps.

Modern clients

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Being able to use Business Central and Power Platform with great confidence is essential these days. Users are empowered to enhance and integrate Business Central using no-code/low-code tools such as Power Automate or Power Apps.

Usability improvements to the web client

When you navigate to related entities using the Peek feature for entities where the card or document page is not present, the Peek feature offers a new Open full list option so that you can go to the relevant list.

Improved behavior of lookups on dynamic fields, such as the Description field on sales documents, lets you choose an item but also enter a custom description.

When a FastTab expands, the page scrolls up so the next FastTab caption is visible.


Guided tour that helps users find settings and personalization tools

Personalization is a powerful capability in Business Central. By being shown the options for personalization in a tour of the Role Center, the user is more likely to discover this capability early on so they can get productive with Business Central as fast as possible and decrease their onboarding time.

Context-aware links in the Help pane from Microsoft and partners


New capabilities for financial reporting with account schedules

The presentation of financial reports is an important part of how people consume them. Reports must provide business insights in a way that enables people to easily recognize the report and quickly identify the important data. In Business Central, account schedules are the main tool for creating user-defined financial reports

Use Excel to design layouts for reports


Excel layouts work the same way as Word and RDLC layouts in that they can be edited and saved back again into Business Central.

With Excel layouts for Business Central reports, users can now create and edit report layouts simply by using the full palette of capabilities in Excel such as sliders, diagrams, charts, and pivot tables.

take a look at this post:



Service and platform

Telemetry – when a database deadlock occurs, it is logged to telemetry

Partners can get insights into database deadlocks in an environment and help users be unblocked.

Telemetry – the action of enabling detailed telemetry is logged to telemetry

When a user enables detailed telemetry from the Help and Support page, the action is also logged to telemetry. A follow-up event is logged when the session leaves detailed logging.

Telemetry – error dialogs are logged to telemetry

When a user gets an error dialog, it is logged to telemetry. Partners can get insights into which errors users get in their setup and help users get unblocked.

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