Excel Layouts for reporting

Excel layout

This new interesting new feature has already been released in the public preview of BC2022 Wave1

Info from Microsoft (toDate)

Excel layouts in v20 are not translatable (Microsoft will add this later).

Then, the headers will be just the AL field names, or you can choose to only support one user language. Either way, this should be enough to get started with the feature using the v20 public preview.

A dedicated “Excel layout session” at the BC2022Wave1 launch event

There will be a full session on Excel layouts at the Business Central 2022 Wave1 launch event.

Example of use Since it has already been documented by Stefano, I put the link to the post, take a look at it.

Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1: introducing Excel Layouts for reporting – Stefano Demiliani

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