Used and not used Objects in Business Central license

I publish a simple APP that allows you to see not Used objects compared to those assigned in customer license (useful on BC On-premise).

For example, the customer can extract the list of all objects loaded in the APP as customizations. Even if the objects numbered 50000 are practically free to use for the Cloud, the Onpremise ones are licensed; with a specific report it is possible to identify those already used with respect to those assigned.

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Used Tables:

  • “License Permission”
  • “AllObj”
  • “AllObjWithCaption”

🡪 About “Application Object Metadata” table

This table unfortunately is not usable for the Cloud (Target ‘OnPrem’, although it would have been very convenient to use). How does it work By crossing the two tables indicated above, you get what you need, applying filters at the launch of the extraction and after the extraction of the data.

Search for report “Export Used and Not Used Objects”

Run report and apply filters (example)

Extract “ALL Objects” or filter objects by Object Type

Results in Page with Views

Filter by Object Types

Sample Filters (Both Used and Not Used Objects)

Sample Filter “50000..”

Available Views – ALL Used and ALL Not Used Objects

Code Link on GitHub

rstefanetti/AL-Code-Samples-Education at AL—Free-and-used-Objects-in-Business-Central (

One thought on “Used and not used Objects in Business Central license

  • 14 June 2022 at 10:59 AM


    Before seeing this blog I already created a similar process, my problem is that I have a client that is in Saas and that comes from other partners, I cannot see the objects and I would like to know how to replace the “Application Object Metadata” table so that it works in Saas .

    Might you help me?

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