C# Cortana Business Central Online APIs Commander

C# Cortana Business Central Online APIs Commander

This simple C# application allows you to invoke Business Central administrative APIs directly from a Windows Form. It is possible to recall most of the existing functions from the APP, in particular it can be useful for

  • Update all APPs quickly
  • Create, Copy and restart environments
  • Manage Sessions
  • Avoid using powershell

This Windows Form app is based on 2 components:

Azure Identity and Business Central Admin Center, that manage the authentication and the invocation of APIs through the remapped functions.

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Cortana Voice, Zira oe Eve

Since my son likes Cortana, we used Cortana’s or Zira’s voice if Cortana wasn’t available to you; if the voices are not available you can install them from the Windows DVD, I am attaching the registration files for Windows 10.

C# Cortana BC APIs Commander form

Two options available:

Direct APPs Updates

With the first option it is possible to directly launch the update of the APPs, the system checks all those that can be updated and launches the update.

Select a specific API to execute

With the second option it is possible to select a specific API among those listed in the combo boxes (not all the APIs have been managed); system recalls and executes the selected one.

Example: Rename Environment API : insert Source > Target Environment

Operations Execution LOG Panel

in this panel you can see the operation log, even the voice of Cortana follows and tells what is happening.

How system works

Through the components specified above you can authenticate and invoke the APIs.


How authentication takes place

Authentication takes place by setting these 3 parameters to access the tenant to be used

  • Client ID (APP)
  • Customer Tenant ID
  • Environment

Client ID (APP)

To allow the client to authenticate, an Application must be registered on Azure, so that it can pass the authorization to the tenant to be managed; in practice, the client is given permission to access the tenant to be managed (through delegated Admin permissions).

Example of configuration

Azure > register an application

Application Client ID

Check your “Application Client ID”

Assign permissions

Grant Access to Application

The request is made to Authorize the APP to access the tenant

Authentication complete (Token by Browser)


C# APP Download link

C-Samples/Cortana APIs Commander.zip at C#-Cortana-Business-Central-APIs-Commander · rstefanetti/C-Samples (github.com)

Voices reg. download link

rstefanetti/C-Samples at Voices (github.com)

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    Great job sir.

    Do you know how to access Tenant Media table from C# ? I want to get the image product and still stuck

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