BC 2022 Wave2 ten interesting features

BC 2022 Wave2 ten interesting features

I point out ten interesting features of the BC22 Wave2, there are many but these are very useful.

#1 – Flexible sorting in Worksheets

We’re aligning the ways you can work with the Planning Worksheet and Requisition Worksheet pages by enabling you to sort lines on both pages by choosing a column name.

The Planning Worksheet page is still slightly different than the Requisition Worksheet page because it can be used for multilevel production orders. By default, lines are sorted by the Item No field. To show lines of multilevel orders, sort by the Ref. Order No field to group different items from the same order.

The MPS Order and Planning Level fields can help clarify the hierarchy of lines.

Planning Worksheet

Flexible sorting in the Planning Worksheet page | Microsoft Learn

#2 – More Pages in Search (Posted Documents & Open Documents)

Pages with document lines are often used for specific analysis. Now you can be more productive by finding them through the in-product search field and bookmark links to the documents on your home page for easy access to the original or a filtered view.

In the in-product search field, you can search for the following pages, grouped here by document type.

Posted documents:

  • Posted Purchase Invoice Lines (page 529)
  • Posted Purchase Receipt Lines (page 528)
  • Posted Purchase Cr. Memo Lines (page 530)
  • Posted Sales Invoice Lines (page 526)
  • Posted Sales Shipment Lines (page 525)
  • Posted Sales Credit Memo Lines (page 527)

Open documents:

  • Purchase Lines (page 518)
  • Sales Lines (page 516)

And if you have a premium license:

  • Prod. Order Comp. Lines (page 5407)

Screenshot of the in-product search field with search results.

Find posted and non-posted document lines in search | Microsoft Learn

#3 – Track items that are used in projects, including picks

From the job planning lines, access the Item Tracking Lines page so you can define lot, serial numbers, or package details for the job planning line.

This way, you speed up the actual consumption at later stages, and you unlock pick and planning scenarios.

In this release wave, we extend the item tracking module to cover job planning lines. Users can find the Item Tracking Window action on the Job Planning Lines page and define specific lot, serial, or package number at an earlier stage. Item tracking is also a prerequisite for a number of scenarios, such as inventory picks or planning for specific item tracking

The action Item Tracking Lines in the Job Planning Lines page.

Warehouse Pick with tracked items

Track items that are used in projects, including picks | Microsoft Learn

#4 – EDI Improvements (exchange data)

Making it easier to exchange data in specific tables with data from external files.

You can set up Business Central to exchange data in specific tables with data from external files, such as to send and receive electronic documents, or to import and export bank data or other data, such as payroll, currency exchange rates, and item catalogs. In this release wave, we improve this capability, adding new features and making it easier to work with different types of data.

Among the improvements are the ability to group by a chosen field, use the key index to sort results, and the new transformation types Rounding and Field Lookup.

Shows grouping with data exchange definitions

Set up data exchange more easily | Microsoft Learn

#5 – Choose the report Layout on request page

Users can choose which report layout to use on the request page. This will make it easier to use different report layouts for different purposes, especially for Excel layouts.

On the request page, users can use a dropdown menu to choose from available report layouts for the report.

This feature will enable your organization to have multiple layouts (like Excel layouts) for the same report dataset. For example, you could have a layout for a planning meeting, another layout used for mail merge, and a third layout for the board meeting.

Choose the report layout on request page | Microsoft Learn

#6 – Modern Action Bar

You can now use a promoted section of the action bar to help users learn the product. You can tailor it to fit the needs of your industry, company, or yourself. Add actions that you want to make available in an easily discoverable and consistent way across the product for new users to quickly learn the product, or tailor it to your business-specific needs for proficient users.

The action bar is updated with improvements for all existing customers as they are updated to 2022 release wave 2.

  • The action bar is better at keeping related actions together and avoiding the same action being available in multiple menus. This helps reduce clutter and confusion, especially for users new to Business Central.

Screenshot shows an already promoted action now grouped under the Other menu.

  • The Navigate menu that was previously available in some pages has been retired, and its contents merged with the entity menu. The entity menu is the one bearing the name of the entity displayed on a page, such as Customer on Customer Card or Order on Sales Order, and it is now the primary menu for information related to the current record.

Screenshot shows the merger of the Navigate and Entity action groups.

  • You can now use split buttons in certain places. Split buttons are well known in other Microsoft products as a combination of a button and a menu. This type of control gives you quick one-click reach to the first action in a menu via the left button part and access to other related actions via the right dropdown part.

Screenshot shows a split button introduced in the Customer action group in Customer List.

Image shows new Home tab, split buttons, automatic pinning, and auto-expanding of lines in action bar.

Modern Action Bar | Microsoft Learn

#7 – Search in company data

Office workers spend up to 20 percent of their working time searching for information.

Finding specific information in a timely manner across different areas of a business management solution often requires tailored queries within its different parts. Because the volume of data constantly increases, it becomes increasingly important to get relevant content fast.

You can start a search from your Role Center or by using the Ctrl+Alt+F shortcut key combination anywhere in Business Central.

Shows Search in data action on business manager role center

Shows Search in company data page with results of the search

Business Central – Search in company data (preview) – Roberto Stefanetti BLOG (robertostefanettinavblog.com)

#8 – Switch companies across environments

The 2022 release wave 2 makes it easier to get an overview of the companies and environments you have access to, and to rapidly switch contexts.

  • Visual cues in the app bar help you to quickly understand which company and environment you’re currently working in, and include the company badge if one was specified for a company.
  • Activate the company switcher pane from anywhere in Business Central, either from the app bar or using the Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut.
  • Search for companies you have access to, grouped by environment, including production and sandbox environments within your organization.
  • Switch company in the current browser tab or open the selected company in a new tab to multitask or compare data side by side.

The company switcher showing a number of companies organized by environments.

Switch companies across environments | Microsoft Learn

#9 – OneDrive improvements

The OneDrive setup guided experience.

Edit in Excel now supports OneDrive

When you enable OneDrive for system features, the Edit in Excel action will now open in Excel for the web. The Excel file generated by Business Central is automatically copied to your Business Central folder in OneDrive, and then opens in a new tab so that you can work entirely within the browser.

Use Outlook to share files directly from Business Central

The Share window in Business Central now offers a third option to share a link to your Business Central files. Along with copying a link to your clipboard or choosing recipients and typing a brief message, the Share window can now open Outlook for the web and automatically include a link to the file in the message body. With this option, you can author the perfect email using all of Outlook’s features, including formatted text, adding other attachments, inserting pictures or tables, and adding CC or BCC recipients.

The share dialog showing the new Outlook option

Reduce copies of the same file

When sharing a business document directly from Business Central or using the action to open it in OneDrive, a file with the same name may already exist in OneDrive. In this case, users can now choose to proceed with opening or sharing the file that already exists on OneDrive, instead of replacing or overwriting it.

A dialog indicating the three choices available when the file is already found in OneDrive

Configure OneDrive integration | Microsoft Learn

#10 – Post item charges for each step of the process

But how to handle item charges in this case?

It’s easy with the new Quantity to Handle field in the Item Charge Assignment page. You just set the Quantity to Handle field to 0, and now you can adjust the value of the Quantity to Invoice field on the purchase order lines—just copy the value from the Item Charge Qty. to Handle field.

Now you can post the partial invoice with the item charge allocated to one line, making sure that all cost factors are accounted.

Once you are ready to handle the second item, you just update the Quantity to Handle field and post the order.

Purchase order with item charges

Quantity to handle in Item Charge Assignment page.

Post item charges for each step of the process | Microsoft Learn

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    Generally related to these waves. Again, customers and vendors has both some work to do before new version is ready for production.
    What is yours view of acceptance testing on customer side?

    I tried to found proposals on Microsoft documentation, but I didn’t find any best practices. Every vendors create own guidance to test waves and customer has some competence for testing. I think upgrade steps would be good to notice also on onboarding aspect.

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