Business Central 2023 Wave1, some interesting features

Since the public preview of the product is near (March 1st), let’s see some interesting features that will be released in this first wave.

MS links

Overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 release wave 1 | Microsoft Learn

New and planned features for Dynamics 365 Business Central, 2023 release wave 1 | Microsoft Learn

Application News

Syncronize Master Data – you can also synchronize master data between companies (a great App, very usefull)

Undo transfer shipments (i don’t know about subcontracting transfer shipments)

Post to different general G/L Accounts – you can post payable and receivable transactions to a different general ledger (G/L) account than the one that is specified on the customer or vendor posting group 🡪 finally!

ALL fields in pages – users will be able to add table fields (all fields) to pages without creating pageextensions objects (and this is where I would like a better control, like for example exposing only fields where DataClassification = CustomerContent and not all)

An illustration of adding a field from the table to a list.

Preview item journals before posting

Pivot Data – Pivot data directly in the client

Extend Shopify Connector – you can now start extending the Shopify connector (with limitations, you can request more events)

Event subscriber

Integrations News

More Workflows

Several actions linked to workflow approvals and Power Automate have been improved with additional support for selecting one of many templates for each document type

The Power of API

The way the Power Automate connector communicates with the Business Central API layer is improved in order to support processing large datasets or triggering automation when multiple rows have been updated.

Administration News

Update ALL Apps in Admin Center – GRAT AND FINALLY!

In Admin Center you will be able to specify when updates for apps can be installed automatically, or to update all apps that have available updates in one way 🡪 click & update all Apps.

(yes, it’s a my Idea!)

Microsoft Idea (

Cloud Migration – Many improvements on cloud migration, with the possibility to include/exclude certain tables and a better status overview (a tables selection feature)

Move your tenant like in other Dynamics products

Transfer to another Azure AD – possibility to transfer a Business Central environment to a different Azure AD tenant by yourself: Internal administrators can request an environment transfer from the source tenant, then accept the transfer from the target tenant.


New AL Explorer tool to explore, navigate, and better understand objects in extensions, including object details, dependencies, and extension points, without looking at the code

View of all objects in selected app scope

Improved User experience

Modern Action Bar improvements (keystrokes, actions)

Immagine che contiene testo

Descrizione generata automaticamente

More Drag & Drop – Drag and drop files onto the file upload dialog

Actionable error messages: some error messages can contain actions to save time on correcting mistakes (es: Reopen Order)

🡪 An Action-reaction like flow.