Corso online sviluppatori Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Nuova edizione del corso aggiornato alle ultime novità di BC2021Wave1 Date Corso 19 mag 2021, 09:00 – 21 mag 2021 Dettaglio Corso e Link iscrizione Linkedin Post Views: 62

How to set Workdate to Today in Cronus Demo Environments

How to set Workdate to Today in Cronus Demo Environments In demo environments (Cronus) not licensed Demo Company the workdate is set automatically by reading from the recorded ledger entries. This can be annoying if I want to use these environments for testing \ models or prototypes. Even in a non-activated PRODUCTION environments, it is the same thing. The workdate […]

Custom images in Business Central List Pages

CUSTOM IMAGES IN BUSINESS CENTRAL LIST PAGES The ideal would be a mediaset field, unfortunately, the display from the web client in the lists is not perfect, you need to use brickview to view; in this case, we can still use the old technology based on blob fields (deprecated). “Hi, do you know if there is any way of displaying […]

Add Bookmarks via AL Code

Add Bookmarks via AL Code Using the bookmark icon , you can add an action that opens a page or report from the navigation menu of your Role Center. The bookmark icon is shown in the top right corner of a page and also in the Tell Me window where you can efficiently bookmark multiple pages or reports. If a bookmark already […]


BUSINESS CENTRAL CONTROL ADD-INS Control add-in A “control add-in” is a custom control for displaying and modifying data within an iframe or a page. For example, a control add-in can display the content of a webpage, visualize data as a chart or on a map, or host a custom web application. Control add-in can respond to user interaction to raise […]

Error “cannot be used” for “Extension” development

Error “cannot be used” for “Extension” development During compilation, this error message may appear “cannot be used” for “Extension” development” if you attempt to compile using incorrect Business Central v15 server settings. The problem occurs when [Scope (‘OnPrem’)] is inserted in the code and the server is not enabled to manage it. [Scope(‘OnPrem’)] To resolve, remove the [Scope (‘OnPrem’)] statement […]

Corso “Modern Development with Microsoft AL”

Corso “Modern Development with Microsoft AL” I giorni 5, 6, 7 Febbraio 2020, presso l’Unione Industriali di Vercelli, si terrà il corso “Modern Development With Microsoft AL”, il corso sarà tenuto da Roberto Stefanetti [MVP] e dal Team SEDP. Già dallo scorso anno mi sono arrivate numerose richieste, sia da clienti storici che da nuovi clienti, anche da alcuni partner […]

Substituting Reports

It is possible to substitute reports from the base application with “custom reports“. Great! This can be done by subscribing to the “OnAfterSubstituteReport” event published by  “Codeunit 44 – ReportManagement“. The following code illustrates “how to subscribe” a method to the “OnAfterSubstituteReport” event. This method replaces the report specified by the ReportId with the one given by the NewReportId parameter. In this example the “Customer – List” report will be […]

Public Preview of MSDYN365BC 2019 Release Wave 2

The first public preview of Release Wave 2 was released (Platform 15). The main purpose and core DOGMA of this new release is: “AL only“, also you will never find CSIDE, C/AL and Windows Client support from now ! “Microsoft AL and Web Client Only!” Welcome to “AL Only world“ Now you can find two Microsoft’s extensions: BaseApp (version System […]

Business Central Debug on different Sandboxes

Business Central Debug on different Sandboxes Good morning, Someone asked me for info on how to debug in the sandbox in a SaaS environment, where there are more than one sandbox. The thing is simple, but sometimes it happens that an error is returned when there are more Sandboxes; in this case, it is necessary to connect to the correct […]

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