Public Preview of MSDYN365BC 2019 Release Wave 2

The first public preview of Release Wave 2 was released (Platform 15). The main purpose and core DOGMA of this new release is: “AL only“, also you will never find CSIDE, C/AL and Windows Client support from now ! “Microsoft AL and Web Client Only!” Welcome to “AL Only world“ Now you can find two […]

Goodbay to C/SIDE and Windows Client!

The new era of Dynamics 365 Business Central! Today @DirectionsAsia Microsoft announced that April release will be the last version of C/SIDE and Windows Client. Hello VSCode and AL, Hello Modern Client! … Goodbay to C/SIDE and Windows Client! and… … another great post by Waldo here: Business Central 2019 Spring Release http://www.waldo.be/2019/04/01/microsoft-dynamics-365-business-central-2019-spring-release/ Post Views: […]

Developer Preview February 2019

Developer Preview February 2019 The February 2019 Developer Preview brings several improvements and new features, below I mention some of the most important including: The new app base available entirely as extension The introduction of RAD technology for development (as it was in C / Side) Improved management of Views (development and Web Client) Improved […]


Hi followers! … almost a year of New Development Environment! … and is still in preview ! About Vs Code & Microsoft Al I had already talked about VS Code, AL and the new development environment before, I had also created a short presentation on slideshare. Since it has been viewed and downloaded by several […]

Working Days in Date Calculation

The codeunit 99000755 CalendarManagement manages the calculation of dates using all sorts of calendars; it is a very complex, usable but complex codeunit. Take a look to this post: “Working days only in date calculation” https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/f/developers/10141/working-days-only-in-date-calculation Codeunit 99000755 CalendarManagement and Codeunit 7600 Calendar Management à Function “CalcDateBOC” If you need to calculate dates easily by using […]

“AL Language” on Visual Studio Marketplace and “C/AL Open Library”

hi guys ! nice news !! “AL Language” on Visual Studio Marketplace Source  https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=ms-dynamics-smb.al   …and others great news !! C/AL Open Library !! About Project : “C/AL Open Library” “The purpose of this repository is to build a C/AL library based on community contributions that will serve as an accelerator for adoption of the […]

How “not” to increase the batch name

NAV standard, in the case of use of batch name containing numbers, after posting automatically increases the last number existing in batch name (example: Batch 1 > 2 ..AL110A > AL111A.. and so on..) This functionality is handled “Bydesign” in NAV, if you want to “NOT increase” the number and keep the same number in […]

“How to” display picture from file in Item Picture Page

Below a short procedure to visualize a linked picture from a picture file (example file with “.GIF” extension) into the “Item Picture Page”. The System load the image file in a BLOB field and after displays it on the picture page; at the close of the page the image is deleted from the item table in order […]

“ALL About” C/AL Coding Guidelines

hi guys, this is another short post of my “ALL About” posts series (the first of this year); in this case i want to write about “C/AL Coding Rules and Guidelines”. below a short list of documents\pages about this topic, First “ALL IN ONE” Document but “ALWAYS” useful is:  “C/AL Coding Guidelines used at Microsoft Development […]

“How-to” manage NAV notifications by C/AL

“How-to” manage NAV notifications by C/AL i found this nice question\post on Dynamics Community NAV Forum. Question Does anyone know how to create a new record of notification by programming ? What table should you create the record ? If i look on pages, the part is a system part of notications id. Source Post\Question […]

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