DIRECTIONS4PARTNERS VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2020 …will start tomorrow morning!

DIRECTIONS4PARTNERS VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2020 …will start tomorrow morning! Directions For Partners Virtual Event 2020 will start tomorrow, just a little away! Below you will find all the sessions and the list of those that I consider most interesting (obviously “De Gustibus non disputandum est”, “Giulio Cesare”). It will definitely be a hit! See you there in the morning! MY BEST […]

Directions EMEA 2018 on Business Central for Attendees!

Directions EMEA 2018 it’s about to start (only few days, October 29-31), Business Central is the main topic of the event.. and Directions EMEA is now on Business Central for attendees! Business Central is here – are you Ready? “In a few days, you will join the Dynamics Partner Community in the Hague. At 2018 Directions EMEA, we will meet to learn about […]

WPC2016, Milano, 29-11 01-12

WPC2016, Milano, 29-11 01-12 “OverNet Education”, il principale Partner per la formazione e la consulenza IT delle aziende Italiane, Enterprise e PMI, è lieta di presentare la 23ma edizione di WPC (WPC 2016), la più importante conferenza italiana sulle tecnologie Microsoft. L’evento in cui una community di oltre 400 IT Professionals si incontrano per trasformare il proprio business. Sito […]

Publish, Raise and Subscribe

Publish, Raise and Subscribe Something about NAV Events (Integration & Business Events)….  Some Definitions of: “Publishers & Subscribers” “A publisher” exposes hook-points in code or processes that other partners or sub-systems can leverage. ISVs and Microsoft are the typical providers of published events, but not necessarily the only providers. Events are raised through explicit function calls, or raised implicitly by the […]

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