Directions EMEA 2017 news

Hi guys, some news from Directions EMEA 2017,  … great event…. a lot of people ! Keynote: more than 2.000 people (pictures from my partners\EMEA page\shared) …first session: release dates of products, update ROADMAP Announcing NAV 2018…. NAV 2018 NAV 2018 will be available from “01 December 2017″   …NICE CHRISTMAS! TENERIFE TENERIFE CLOUD will be available … Read more Directions EMEA 2017 news

Directions EMEA 2017, next week

Directions EMEA 2017, OCTOBER 4-6, 2017 MADRID, SPAIN “Dynamics insights for SMB Partners” Directions EMEA, “the European Event” will be next week, starting on October 4th. The sessions are many, below you can see those (from my point of view) more interesting for NAV.   Agenda and Focus Topics Directions EMEA is designed to help … Read more Directions EMEA 2017, next week

Working Days in Date Calculation

The codeunit 99000755 CalendarManagement manages the calculation of dates using all sorts of calendars; it is a very complex, usable but complex codeunit. Take a look to this post: “Working days only in date calculation” Codeunit 99000755 CalendarManagement and Codeunit 7600 Calendar Management à Function “CalcDateBOC” If you need to calculate dates easily by using … Read more Working Days in Date Calculation

Nice scripts to install NAV RTC

Nice scripts to install NAV RTC nice posts on NAVUG by W Mak and Mathew Ealy about this topic. The following batch file can detect and install RTC clients on workstations @echo off wmic product get name,version /format:csv | find “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 RoleTailored Client,10.0.14199.0” if %errorlevel%==0 ( goto:1 ) else ( goto:2 ) … Read more Nice scripts to install NAV RTC

NAV 2018 will be released

Hi guys, Great News! NAV 2018 will be released ! “NAV 2018 will be released late…, will become generally available later this calendar year !” …after a bit of confused news about the existence of NAV 2018 (… and the continuation of the name “Dynamics NAV” in favor of the “Tenerife” name only…) finally yesterday the arcane … Read more NAV 2018 will be released

SQL Monitor

SQL Monitor I’ve done a lot of NAV optimizations and sometimes it’s enough to isolate the bigger issues to get a good result. Since NAV 2015 and with latest releases of NAV you can use standard monitoring systems… take a look to my old post about NAV 2015 Performance Counters: Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 … Read more SQL Monitor

MRP and Planning Overview

Attached a brief presentation about MRP and planning in Dynamics NAV. This document is a collection of information about the subject with many useful links, the sources come from MSDN, from some best blogs (my opinion) and from free documents available on Internet. You can download it from slideshare, have a good read ! MRP and … Read more MRP and Planning Overview

VS Code and Modern Development Environment Preview

While i’m testing the latest CTP of Tenerife (and at a time when there will be several new things…), i begin to illustrate VS Code and the new development environment, as some have asked me. I have written a short presentation about these topics (obviously with the only information not under the NDA agreement…), waiting … Read more VS Code and Modern Development Environment Preview

“AL Language” on Visual Studio Marketplace and “C/AL Open Library”

hi guys ! nice news !! “AL Language” on Visual Studio Marketplace Source   …and others great news !! C/AL Open Library !! About Project : “C/AL Open Library” “The purpose of this repository is to build a C/AL library based on community contributions that will serve as an accelerator for adoption of the … Read more “AL Language” on Visual Studio Marketplace and “C/AL Open Library”

Microsoft Community Localization

If you are passionate for localizing software products into your own native language, Microsoft has released the following open source products onto a third-party localization platform, Transifex, where the community can provide feedback, suggest better translations or help translate a new Open Source project from scratch. You can find the list of currently Active Projects on this … Read more Microsoft Community Localization

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