Portable Kanban and Kanban for Outlook Addins

What is Kanban? Is it possible to use it for personal task management? … Sure ! Kanban Board: Definition here: http://guide.agilealliance.org/guide/kanban.html#sthash.ipfukUPU.dpuf Source: http://guide.agilealliance.org/guide/kanban.html Nice book about Kanban: “Agile Project Management with Kanban (Developer Best Practices) 1st Edition” http://www.amazon.com/Project-Management-Kanban-Developer-Practices/dp/0735698953/ Nice Blog here: http://kanbanblog.com/explained/ ……. Below some Applications and Outlook Addins to simulate “Kanban Boards” for personal … Read more Portable Kanban and Kanban for Outlook Addins

Visualstudio Online: Kanban basics

Visualstudio Online: “Kanban basics” To maximize a team’s ability to consistently deliver high quality software, Kanban emphasize two main practices. The first, visualize the flow of work, requires you to map your team’s workflow stages and configure your Kanban board to match. The second, constrain the amount of work in progress, requires you to set … Read more Visualstudio Online: Kanban basics

Free Project Management ebooks and Scrum Templates

Free Project Management Books (Legally Free Computers Books) http://www.onlineprogrammingbooks.com/project-management/ Nice 4-free-project-management-ebooks here “Real Life Scrum”, “The Scrum Primer”, “Agile Transition and Tools” http://www.onlineprogrammingbooks.com/4-free-project-management-ebooks-real-life-scrum-the-scrum-primer-agile-transition-and-tools/ Excel/Google Spreadsheets Templates Excel Template SCRUM – Product Backlog – Sprint Template  Google Spreadsheets – Scrum Template https://drive.google.com/templates%3Ftype%3Dspreadsheets%26q%3Dscrum%26sort%3Dhottest%26view%3Dpublic?ddrp=1# Post Views: 1,350

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