Utilizzo del periodo di stabilizzazione in NAV

Utilizzo del periodo di stabilizzazione in NAV Dato che alcuni hanno chiesto info su questa funzionalità, ne riepilogo il funzionamento. Periodo di stabilizzazione di default Specifica un periodo di tempo durante il quale non deve essere proposta alcuna azione di ripianificazione in avanti degli ordini di approvvigionamento esistenti. Il periodo di stabilizzazione limita il numero […]

Downgrade Production Order Status

Downgrade Production Order Status Sometimes it is required to perform a status change of a production order that was advanced by mistake .. maybe the error is related to many orders …. With NAV (standard) it is not possible to do. ERROR: “FIRM PLANNED IS NOT A VALID SELECTION” DOWNGRADE TEST RELEASED TO FIRM PLANNED […]

MRP and Planning Overview

Attached a brief presentation about MRP and planning in Dynamics NAV. This document is a collection of information about the subject with many useful links, the sources come from MSDN, from some best blogs (my opinion) and from free documents available on Internet. You can download it from slideshare, have a good read ! MRP and […]


PRODUCTION ORDERS IN NAV …a short guide about NAV Production Orders, based on MSDN Online NAV help. PRODUCTION ORDER PURPOSE General Definiton : “Production Order – an order that initiates the manufacturing process” Wikipedia Defintion: “A production order is an order issued within a company to produce a specific quantity of material within a certain […]

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