NAV 2017 not documented options for “Credential Type”

In NAV 2017 there are two new options for “Credentials Type”: TaskScheduler and EchangeIdentity. “Credential Type” -> “AS IS” Documentation “Specifies the authentication mechanism for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users of this Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance.” The options are “Windows, Username, NavUserPassword, and AccessControlService”. But… What about others features ?  “TaskScheduler”, “EchangeIdentity”, “None” ? In reality now there are three not […]

Welcome to the Developer and IT-Pro Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

NAV 2017 MSDN Help Pages released today some links: Index Page NAV 2017 System Requirements NAV 2017 Product Overview Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for mid-sized organizations that is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use. Right from the start, simplicity has guided—and continues to guide—innovations […]

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Resources

Hi Guys, happy new year and welcome to my first post of 2016 ! Why i’m talking about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Resources ? … some people asked me some information about links and resources available for NAV on network (links, blogs, forums, socials and so on..), also in the community forum of NAV you can find some user requests […]

How to upload the license file in Multitenant Deployment, NAV 2015

How to upload the license file in Multitenant Deployment, NAV 2015 Use Powershell (or Powershell ISE) to to achieve this with Powershell cmdlet “Import-NAVServerLicense” SYNTAX:  Import-NAVServerLicense [-ServerInstance] <String> [-Database <LicenseDatabase> ] [-Force] [-Tenant <TenantId> ] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [ <CommonParameters>] Example: “This example imports a license file that is named “fin.flf” from the current directory into the database that is used […]

Send e-mail with attachment and templates – My Script on MSDN Gallery

Send e-mail with attachment and templates – My Script on MSDN Gallery A short C# script to send e-mail with attachment and template, DLL .NET usable on Windos Systems Parameters setMail(string parfrom, string parto, string parcc, string parsubject, string partextmessage, string parpathattach, stringparpathtemplate) you can find it on My MSDN Gallery The Official Scripting Guys Forum! Post Views: 2,361

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Dev Center

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Dev Center “Get the information you need to design, develop, and distribute solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV” The Help Update for June is Out As you probably already know we publish updates to our MSDN library every month. Find the June edition here  MSDN Library New NAV 2015 Videos Uploaded  Videos NAV 2015 Developing for the Microsoft […]

NAV on MSDN Portal

NAV on MSDN Portal …a new integrated portal with centralized information, you can FIND ALL about NAV HERE ! Best Contents – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Center – Dynamics Community (blogs & forums) – Developer tools page – Support Page (Support incidents, KB, Cumulative update) – Download PAge (Last releases, partnersource integration) – NAV Videos – NAV Team Blog & […]

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