New Book availabe: “Building ERP Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV”

Hi Guys, a new book is available: “Building ERP Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV”, by Stefano Demiliani (Author) and Duilio Tacconi (Reviewer).


… I spoke yesterday with these 2 guys (my colleagues and friends) during a workshop about “New Modern Development Experience“, i didn’t know that today would be released the book .. i thought later…  but today Amazon quickly provided me a copy (ebook) for review, i will read in next days….

About This Book

  • Integrate NAV with various offerings of the Microsoft stack to create enterprise-ready and service-oriented solutions
  • Use Power BI and Universal Windows Platform for effective data analysis and real-time tracking with NAV
  • Discover the services offered by Microsoft Azure and implement them in different industries using real-world case scenarios

This Book is for

“This book is for NAV developers and solution architects who need to implement real-world enterprise solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Knowledge of the NAV programming language (C/AL) and C# language is recommended. Knowledge of ASP.NET and Visual Studio development would help, but is not necessary.”.

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Fast first look: for now it seems very interesting, some nice topics (that were not included before in other books) are exposed, i recommend it.

Have a nice reading !


Roberto Stefanetti’s Reviews: “Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Third Edition”

Roberto Stefanetti’s Reviews: “Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Third Edition”, Goodreads

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Third Edition by Alex Chow

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Third Edition
by Alex Chow

Amazon LInk

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Roberto Stefanetti‘s review

May 11, 2016
Read from May 03 to 10, 2016


Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Third Edition
“Explore the capabilities of Dynamics NAV 2016 and discover all you need to implement it”Third Published: April 2016, Actual Author: Alex Chow

My Opinion: “Nice book, for beginners & medium expertise NAV users”

The book is suitable for those who want to start using NAV 2016, does not require a previous technical\functional knowledge, even those who are new to the NAV environment can learn a lot from this book; is a book for everyone.

“What’s New” in NAV 2016
“core” of the book … nice chapter about NAV 2016 new features: Cue with colors indicator, Rapidstart, OCR Service, CRM Native integration, Workflow, Deferreals, Approvals, Posting Preview, Web, Tablet Clients, Universal App.

Nice chapter about Powershell cmdlets and upgrade automation
it is explained how to perform a release upgrade automatically, good!

..another good chapter about Project Management : difference about Waterfall & Agile Approach Waterfall & Agile Approach, use best of them ! , Microsoft Sure Steps > Waterfall & Agile on Microsoft Vision.

Good chapter about “data migration”
Many methods described: by powershell, rapidstart, excel templates, xmlports.. a nice section about “going live in middle of fiscal year” !!

Upgrading Dynamics NAV
Upgrade process checklist … from 3.60 to NAV 2016
“ALL” about NAV Upgrade, reference to Merge Tools (nice tool also for NAV 2016), Merge tools Section, nice section about utilization of Merge tools, actually a good merging\versioning system for NAV Uograde.

NAV 2016 Debugging Section
My favorite section, all aspects of debugging with NAV 2016 are illustrated, for me is the better part of the boook.

Popular reporting options
Good vision about NAV integrations (query, Charts, Web Services OData , Power Pivot and Power BI, Jet Report Express)

Positive notes
Many topics are covered, from the NAV history to NAV 2016 new features, some new features, however, are only listed.
A lot of arguments about Financials Management, Sales & Marketing, Purchase,Warehouse, Manufacturing, Jobs, Resource Planning, Service.

Negative notes\suggestions
The section relating to NAV Administration could be more substantial,
Workflow is just listed, the notification system is not treated, are also references to multitenant management and NAV on Azure DB.

In conclusion i would say that the overview of topics covered in the book is good for novice\medium expert user who wants to explore NAV’s world.

Rating: 3.8/5 stars, nice book anyway.

Roberto Stefanetti

you cand find my review here: