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Item Attributes in Business Central

Item Attributes in Business Central I’ve never talked about this feature of Business Central (and NAV 2017) that I find interesting and that can be useful. It can be used to store and manage some information related to articles in a simple way; it is not a product configurator but can be useful and can […]

Create apps with PowerApps and Dynamics NAV

Great post by NAVTeam about “Create apps with PowerApps and Dynamics NAV” “Some of you have tried to build apps using PowerApps and the connector for Dynamics NAV. For some, it turned out to be more difficult than expected, and you’ve asked for some guidance from Microsoft. Well, here we go: The Dynamics NAV connector […]

From NAV 2009 to NAV 2018 – Timeline of Features

From NAV 2009 to NAV 2018 – Timeline of Features Recently i went to some prospects that currently use old versions of NAV and want to upgrade to NAV 2018 (already NAV customers also from other partners), I am asked to list and summarize the main features introduced in the various versions of NAV starting […]

My most viewed posts of 2017

Hello to all, as every year’s end summarize my most viewed posts, since the launch of new releases of NAV is now almost at the end of the year, the rankings are not accurate … but that’s okay anyway. ..before starting… HAPPY 2018 TO EVERYONE! MY MOST VIEWED POSTS OF 2017 (BEST 60) BEST DAY : […]

Downgrade Production Order Status

Downgrade Production Order Status Sometimes it is required to perform a status change of a production order that was advanced by mistake .. maybe the error is related to many orders …. With NAV (standard) it is not possible to do. ERROR: “FIRM PLANNED IS NOT A VALID SELECTION” DOWNGRADE TEST RELEASED TO FIRM PLANNED […]

NAV 2017 Upgrade Error: Invalid column name ‘Session Unique ID’

Invalid column name: ‘Session Unique ID’ error I’ve found some posts on this topic and some info requests in forums, this sync problem has been solved in the latest CUs of NAV 2017, but if someone tries to upgrade NAV to a smaller version of CU 8, the problems may occur (I saw it happen […]

Posting with Limited Users ? NO.

Posting with Limited Users? NO. Some questions about “posting with limited users” Why this post? In forums there are several posts on this topic, what can I do with light users? can you post transactions with these type of users? The answer is “NO”,  you can not use light users to post transactions, even with […]

Certificates of Supply in NAV

Certificates of Supply in NAV Some people have asked me for info on this feature; I summarize briefly, what it is and how it is used. This Certificate (Certificate of Supply) functionality has been introduced some time ago in NAV but there is little documentation about it (the same as fiscal inventory).   SCOPE: Send […]

MRP and Planning Overview

Attached a brief presentation about MRP and planning in Dynamics NAV. This document is a collection of information about the subject with many useful links, the sources come from MSDN, from some best blogs (my opinion) and from free documents available on Internet. You can download it from slideshare, have a good read ! MRP and […]

Cumulative Update 09 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 has been released

  Cumulative Update 09 includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Where to find Cumulative Update 09 You can download the cumulative update from KB4037309  – Cumulative Update 9 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. You can press one of the countries in list above for a direct download […]

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