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NAV 2018 SERVICE OPTIONS RECAP In NAV 2018 there are many new options related to the NAV Service; some of them have already been introduced with the latest build \ cumulative updates for NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 and only updated \ modified; others are new and introduced by this release. NEW POWERSHELL CMDLETS There […]

NAV 2017 not documented options for “Credential Type”

In NAV 2017 there are two new options for “Credentials Type”: TaskScheduler and EchangeIdentity. “Credential Type” -> “AS IS” Documentation “Specifies the authentication mechanism for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users of this Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance.” The options are “Windows, Username, NavUserPassword, and AccessControlService”. But… What about others features ?  “TaskScheduler”, “EchangeIdentity”, “None” ? In […]

“ALL ABOUT” Kill (In)active Sessions when “no more licenses”

Sometimes it happens that there are “no more licenses available” for Dynamics NAV, from NAV 2013 R2 and next releases, it’s necessary to run the Windows Client or to use Powershell statements to kill some sessions and unlock others. If you are unable to access to NAV (“no more licenses”), you should need to use […]

How To setup “Keep Alive Interval” setting NAV2016-NAV2017

Many posts in forums about this topic; some people report that Idle Client Timeout configured in NAV Administration is not working. Example of scenario: “Users logs in to the Navision by windows client installed on their PC but after setting idle client timeout session for 3 minutes then also it does not log off after […]

“ALL About” How To Boost Dynamics NAV Server

Hi Guys, another post of “ALL About” Series, in this case, some people have asked me about NAV configuration and how to configure NAV Server for better performance (Boosting NAV..);  also in Microsoft Forum there are several posts about this topic, i searched and collected a variety of useful information for a correct NAV Server configuration. […]

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