Change Global Dimensions in NAV 2018

The Change Global Dimensions Feature was improved In earlier versions of Dynamics NAV, the “Change Global Dimensions report” block all activities (you should run the report away from working hours…) The Change Global Dimensions report now runs in this way: Change Routine is parallelized and executed per table in separate independent background jobs. Other users […]


GDPR NAV News Part II many people ask me for feedback news on this thorny topic … .. In Italy for now we can consider the GDPR as “a drop in the sea” (as noted by some statistical studies and some law firms) .. unfortunately the deadline is approaching .. NAV GDPR Guide Whitepaper yesterday […]

Utilizzo del periodo di stabilizzazione in NAV

Utilizzo del periodo di stabilizzazione in NAV Dato che alcuni hanno chiesto info su questa funzionalità, ne riepilogo il funzionamento. Periodo di stabilizzazione di default Specifica un periodo di tempo durante il quale non deve essere proposta alcuna azione di ripianificazione in avanti degli ordini di approvvigionamento esistenti. Il periodo di stabilizzazione limita il numero […]

Directions EMEA 2017, next week

Directions EMEA 2017, OCTOBER 4-6, 2017 MADRID, SPAIN “Dynamics insights for SMB Partners” Directions EMEA, “the European Event” will be next week, starting on October 4th. The sessions are many, below you can see those (from my point of view) more interesting for NAV.   Agenda and Focus Topics Directions EMEA is designed to help […]

Working Days in Date Calculation

The codeunit 99000755 CalendarManagement manages the calculation of dates using all sorts of calendars; it is a very complex, usable but complex codeunit. Take a look to this post: “Working days only in date calculation” Codeunit 99000755 CalendarManagement and Codeunit 7600 Calendar Management à Function “CalcDateBOC” If you need to calculate dates easily by using […]

Some news from Directions US

Sessions of the three next main events have been published; some sessions of them in the future will be modified, integrated and enriched but however it’s already possible to begin to understand the new functionalities of Tenerife. Below is a list of sessions about Tenerife @Directions US Directions US Sessions (17-20 September 2017)   […]

NAV on Docker | NAV Blog

Nice post about NAV on Docker by Tobias Fenster Very interesting topic (my modest opinion), since the sessions related to this topic have been made public (and not under NDA..), below the links to the sessions ! Source: NAV on Docker with Portainer | NAV Blog NAVDEMO\DOCKER   NAV TechDays Session Directions EMEA 2017 […]

Dynamics NAV WMS & MobileNAV

Today, I would like to talk about the NAV Warehouse Management System (WMS) module. Some people have asked me for information and documentation about how to use the module in NAV and how to use it in mobility. In addition to the classic existing MSDN documentation, I attach a short document and video. For mobility […]

How to restart a job in “Error” or “Frozen Completed” status

Sometimes can happen that some recursively scheduled jobs can go wrong or get stuck, you can re-enable them automatically and after consult the log to see errors; it is not a perfect solution but sometimes the error can be a simple error ex: “another user has modified..” etc. This function could be useful for NAV […]

How “not” to increase the batch name

NAV standard, in the case of use of batch name containing numbers, after posting automatically increases the last number existing in batch name (example: Batch 1 > 2 ..AL110A > AL111A.. and so on..) This functionality is handled “Bydesign” in NAV, if you want to “NOT increase” the number and keep the same number in […]

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