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Detect Deadlocks in old NAVs

Detect Deadlocks in old NAVs (<2017) In old NAV releases (between NAV 2013 and NAV 2016) is very difficult to show and resolve blocking issues. IN NAV 2017 As a new feature in Dynamics NAV2017, you can configure that information about database deadlocks is written to the Windows Event Log. If database deadlock logging is […]

GDPR, NAV Data discovering from SQL Server, Part I

GDPR, NAV Data discovering from SQL Server, Part I Hi people, The GDPR deadline is approaching! …for users who use older versions of NAV (and who do not want to upgrade NAV or purchase third-party tools) it may be useful to have useful functions to search for data (in NAV SQL Server Database). Having a […]

SQL Monitor

SQL Monitor I’ve done a lot of NAV optimizations and sometimes it’s enough to isolate the bigger issues to get a good result. Since NAV 2015 and with latest releases of NAV you can use standard monitoring systems… take a look to my old post about NAV 2015 Performance Counters: Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 […]

“ALL ABOUT” Kill (In)active Sessions when “no more licenses”

Sometimes it happens that there are “no more licenses available” for Dynamics NAV, from NAV 2013 R2 and next releases, it’s necessary to run the Windows Client or to use Powershell statements to kill some sessions and unlock others. If you are unable to access to NAV (“no more licenses”), you should need to use […]

A Visual SQL Query Designer – Code project (SQL From NAV Part III)

A Visual SQL Query Designer – Code Project (SQL From NAV Part III) If some of your customers asks you to gain access to SQL data directly from NAV (as other systems with integrated query editors..) can use this nice tool to run SQL queries (or others T-SQL statements…). This tools recalls some typical features of SQL Studio […]

Automate backup on SQL Express and Send Mail Powershell Script

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  “HOW TO RESET” NAV “BAD” USER If you have some issues with NAV single user (ex; can’t login, permissions lost, errors on pages etc.), you can delete ALL user configuration and after recreate a new user. Follow procedure below. use DB GO 1) FIRST: SELECT [User Security ID] from USERNAME retrieve User Security ID […]

Some SQL date calculation scripts for NAV Linked Tables

Some SQL date calculation scripts for NAV Linked Tables Dato che alcuni utilizzano le viste SQL come tabelle collegate in NAV, riporto alcuni script SQL relativi all’utilizzo delle date; inserendo un campo virtuale in una vista SQL e richiamando una “function” esistente o personalizzata nel campo (es: la uf_DaysDifference sotto indicata) è possibile creare delle viste […]

NAV to NAV SQL Fast Data Migration (with dynamic “INSERT INTO” STATEMENT)

SCENARIO If you have some old NAV releases and you want to copy data fast from db\company to another db\company (and you don’t want to use Dataport\XMLPort to map each fields ore use Rapid Start Services), you can use SQL “INSERT INTO” statements to transfer data.  TIMESTAMP FIELD ISSUE You can’t use a “FULL SQL […]

Script Search for a string in “all tables” of SQL Server Database

Good & Fast Script to search for a string in “all tables” of SQL Server Database, very useful with NAV Databases too (to find data FAST in each database\company, no C/AL Code or powershell commands required ) link Script Search for a string in all tables of SQL Server Database  (from MSDN Script Center) by Sorna Kumar […]

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