Directions EMEA 2017 news

Hi guys, some news from Directions EMEA 2017,  … great event…. a lot of people ! Keynote: more than 2.000 people (pictures from my partners\EMEA page\shared) …first session: release dates of products, update ROADMAP Announcing NAV 2018…. NAV 2018 NAV 2018 will be available from “01 December 2017″   …NICE CHRISTMAS! TENERIFE TENERIFE CLOUD will be available […]

Directions EMEA 2017, next week

Directions EMEA 2017, OCTOBER 4-6, 2017 MADRID, SPAIN “Dynamics insights for SMB Partners” Directions EMEA, “the European Event” will be next week, starting on October 4th. The sessions are many, below you can see those (from my point of view) more interesting for NAV.   Agenda and Focus Topics    http://www.directionsemea.com/agenda-and-focus-topics/ Directions EMEA is designed to help […]

NAV 2018 will be released

Hi guys, Great News! NAV 2018 will be released ! “NAV 2018 will be released late…, will become generally available later this calendar year !” …after a bit of confused news about the existence of NAV 2018 (… and the continuation of the name “Dynamics NAV” in favor of the “Tenerife” name only…) finally yesterday the arcane […]

Some news from Directions US

Sessions of the three next main events have been published; some sessions of them in the future will be modified, integrated and enriched but however it’s already possible to begin to understand the new functionalities of Tenerife. Below is a list of sessions about Tenerife @Directions US Directions US Sessions (17-20 September 2017) http://www.directionsna.com/agenda/2017-sep-17/all-sessions/   […]

NAV Development Tools Preview – March Update

Best News on March Update About In-Client Designer You can now reorder columns with a simple drag and drop, and you can hide or show columns. Try it out on any page with columns, such as worksheets, sales documents, or lists. About Reports Report application objects join the list of supported objects! Create reports using new […]

Announcing the Preview of Development Tools for Dynamics NAV – Nice Christmas!

“Tools are available in preview from today”!  AWESOME !! The in-client designer Visual Studio Code Start from here:  http://aka.ms/navdeveloperpreview In-Client Designer Visual Studio Code New Development Environment “What’s New” here: Developing Extensions Using the New Development Environment https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav/newdev-dev-overview In-Client Designer https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav/newdev-inclient-designer Differences in the Dynamics NAV Development Environments https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav/newdev-differences Keyboard Shortcuts for the New Development Environment […]

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