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“Create New Dimension ID to import dimension values from buffer table”

Many questions in Microsoft forum about this topic: “How to generate new dimension ID from data (dimensions values for NAV login) existing on external tables ?” Use standard NAV to achieve this, you can use standard NAV function DimMgt.GetDimensionSetID(Rec) to create New Dimension SET ID of function existing on UpgradeToolkit since NAV 2013. Utilization of […]

How “not” to increase the batch name

NAV standard, in the case of use of batch name containing numbers, after posting automatically increases the last number existing in batch name (example: Batch 1 > 2 ..AL110A > AL111A.. and so on..) This functionality is handled “Bydesign” in NAV, if you want to “NOT increase” the number and keep the same number in […]

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