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Business Central oAuth2 Authentication

Business Central oAuth2 Authentication Steps to activate the OAuth2 authentication method, this type of connection can be used to connect to Business Central WebServices-APIs; it will soon be the only method available as access with WebService key is deprecated. The system to access the exposed services uses a token issued by the access procedure (see […]

OData Web Services – About Using Filter Expressions

OData Web Services – About Using Filter Expressions I want to report some information on the use and properties of OData with Business Central, very useful and I would say indispensable if we use the Business Central Cloud environment. The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a web protocol that is designed for querying tabular data […]

“WMES” Mobile APP (Warehouse & MES Mobile APP)

“WMES” Mobile APP (Warehouse & MES Mobile APP) WMES Mobile APP: “La App Xamarin & Zebra Android che consente di accedere da mobile a Microsoft Dynamics NAV e Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud & On-Premise” La piattaforma è installabile su tutti i Dynamics NAV \ Business Central che permettono l’interfacciamento con Web Services, con […]

Business Central how to invoke a Web Service from Powershell

Business Central how to invoke a Web Service from Powershell How-to re-call a WebService from Powershell (BC On-Premise) Scenario: We already have Web Services defined, with several fields calculated or recovering difficult management data (e.g. dimensions shortcuts etc.), the Web Services are ready and we want to reuse them. We don’t want to redo them, […]

Business Central consumption of Web Services from PHP

Business Central consumption of Web Services from PHP Hello, In this post Part1 we will talk about how to connect and consuming the Web Services exposed by Business Central from PHP, in this case to read and modify data using both SOAP and OData Services. We will use XAMPP Suite which can also be used […]

Bound Actions in Dynamics NAV & Business Central

Bound Actions in Dynamics NAV and Business Central Since Dynamics NAV 2018, the possibility of using “Bound Actions” was introduced. Surely it’s interesting because before, it was necessary to use workarounds (these workarounds are available in the various forums \ blogs) to simulate the pressure of a key recalling a function, now with this integrated […]

Posting with Limited Users ? NO.

Posting with Limited Users? NO. Some questions about “posting with limited users” Why this post? In forums there are several posts on this topic, what can I do with light users? can you post transactions with these type of users? The answer is “NO”,  you can not use light users to post transactions, even with […]

NAV 2017 “Assisted Setup”

in this short post, i will talk about a new feature of NAV 2017: “Assisted Setup”. “Assisted setup” is a nice feature (composed by a lot of wizards ready to use..) useful to guide your users through setup scenarios. With this feature is possible: – use a predefined set of data to setup main features […]

“Cached Web Service Calls” – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community

Cached web services calls in this section you can find a nice post by NAV Team blog about “cached web services calls”: Abstract In a service-oriented deployment, web services are used to extend NAV’s functionality and reach. Depending on how volatile this data is and the corresponding usage scheme, it is expected to be up-to-date […]

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