Business Central Workflows with Power Automate integration

Business Central Workflows with Power Automate integration Workflows in Business Central can be managed in two ways: Native mode Via Power Automate In both modes it is possible to create them, edit them, manage them completely; new features have been added to Power Automate to manage the Business Processes, so I find it very useful […]

“Send Email” with attachment to the vendor as a response in “Purchase order workflow” in NAV 2017 – CloudFronts

Nice post about “Purchase Order Workflow Sample” Source Post: Send Email with attachment to the vendor as a response in Purchase order workflow in NAV 2017 – CloudFronts Post on Microsoft Dynamics Community – NAV Post Views: 2,318

NAV 2017 and “Microsoft Flow” integration: “Business Notification Manager” reinvented in Cloud

Microsoft Flow Preview Microsoft Definition: “Microsoft Flow is a “brand new” SaaS offering, available today in preview, for automating workflows across the growing number of applications and SaaS services that business users rely on.” Integrations: In the preview of Microsoft Flow Microsoft provide native and Cloud Based integration both for NAV 2017 throughout the entire […]


NAV 2016 TESTING WORKFLOW   … IS NOT A GUIDE !!!  … only some tests about this GREAT feature !  Some Workflow definitions directly from “Microsoft”: WORKFLOW SCOPE\PURPOSE “…. Workflow enable you to model real-life business processes Workflow is defined as the movement of documents or task through a work process Adopting workflow as a developer […]

NAV 2016 MSDN Business Functionality Landing Page and Workflow

NAV 2016 Business Functionality Landing Page (Microsoft Definition) “To support your department-specific tasks, you can use a variety of general business functionality, such as Workflow and Office Integration, which is available across two or more departments” About Workflow: Set up and use workflows that connect tasks performed by different users or by the system, such as […]

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