Microsoft Dynamics Youtube Channel

Microsoft Dynamics Youtube Channel NAV 2016 Videos Source: Microsoft Dynamics Post Views: 1,102

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Resources

Hi Guys, happy new year and welcome to my first post of 2016 ! Why i’m talking about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Resources ? … some people asked me some information about links and resources available for NAV on network (links, blogs, forums, socials and so on..), also in the community forum of NAV you … Read more

NAV 2016 What’s New on My Youtube

NAV 2016 What’s New My first short “Slideshare” about NAV 2016 What’s New on my new YouTube channel. Subscribe to my channel !   Post Views: 1,017

Microsoft Dynamics on YouTube

Microsoft Dynamics on YouTube “How Do I 2016” Videos on Dynamics Youtube Channel Official Dynamics Youtube Channel Page Dynamics Videos Section NAV 2016 Videos > Filter “How Do I 2016” in Dynamics Page ..and you are welcome !!! Some NAV 2016 Videos (“Bold Titles” are my favorites!) How Do I: Create and … Read more

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