Microsoft Dynamics Youtube Channel

Microsoft Dynamics Youtube Channel NAV 2016 Videos Source: Microsoft Dynamics Post Views: 1,118

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Resources

Hi Guys, happy new year and welcome to my first post of 2016 ! Why i’m talking about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Resources ? … some people asked me some information about links and resources available for NAV on network (links, blogs, forums, socials and so on..), also in the community forum of NAV you […]

NAV 2016 What’s New on My Youtube

NAV 2016 What’s New My first short “Slideshare” about NAV 2016 What’s New on my new YouTube channel. Subscribe to my channel !   Post Views: 1,026

Microsoft Dynamics on YouTube

Microsoft Dynamics on YouTube “How Do I 2016” Videos on Dynamics Youtube Channel Official Dynamics Youtube Channel Page Dynamics Videos Section NAV 2016 Videos > Filter “How Do I 2016” in Dynamics Page ..and you are welcome !!! Some NAV 2016 Videos (“Bold Titles” are my favorites!) How Do I: Create and […]

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