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#1 – Roberto Stefanetti, MY MVP BLOG TO EBOOK #1 (2015-2017)

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Roberto Stefanetti My First One Blog (2014-2016) roberto-stefanetti-my-firts-nav-blog-some-posts

#2 – My last free ebook on Lulu.com “NAV Modern Technology * Notes*  – From C/AL to Microsoft AL”

NAV AL Ebook


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#3 – My new book on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: “Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise”

This title is available since 19 December 2018 in Digital and Paper format.


“This book will take you from introducing Dynamics NAV 2018 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On-Premise and SaaS, with more Focus on On-premise) to exploring all the techniques related to implementation and migration. You will also learn to expand functionalities within your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation, perform data analysis, debug error messages, and implement free third-party add-ons to your existing installation. Further, you will learn to work with third-party add-on tools. Here you will explore Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the new On-premise and Online solution born from the Microsoft NAV platform, and techniques to utilize Dockers and Sandboxes to develop applications.”

…obviously the book (in writing) will also contain all the new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-premise and online scheduled for October\November.

About Authors

Roberto Stefanetti [MVP, Community Educator Influencer] NAV-lab, Alex Chow [MVP]

About reviewers

Two “Guru and friends” reviewers for this book: Duilio Tacconi (Microsoft Italia) and Stefano Demiliani [MVP] NAV-lab

The book is available both on Packt or Amazon

Packt Link https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/implementing-microsoft-dynamics-nav-and-business-central-fourth-edition

Amazon Link https://www.amazon.com/Implementing-Microsoft-Dynamics-Business-Central-ebook/dp/B07GVPYT82/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1535448500&sr=1-1

Reviewer for book: “Programming Microsoft Dynamica 365 Business Central-Sixth Edition”

Programming Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Sixth Edition

Explore the fundamentals of Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Visual Studio Code development environment with the help of useful examples and case studies


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