Security Filters in Business Central

Security Filters in Business Central Business Central Security’s security system allows you to control the objects that a user can access within each database or environment. For each user, you can specify whether you want to allow reading, editing or inserting data in the selected database objects. You can specify which records are stored in the tables that each user […]

Business Central AL Interfaces

Business Central AL Interfaces THE AL “INTERFACE” OBJECT A new object type is available in Business Central 2020 Wave1: “interface” object Since I have never talked about it, I speak of it now, I don’t report particular examples as there are already several published. Below are some links to very well made examples, useful for understanding how to best use them. […]

Business Central page background tasks

Business Central page background tasks “The 2019 wave 2 release introduces a way for AL developers to start programming using multithreading/asynchronous concepts. For the first time, developers can now calculate expensive operations in a page without blocking the UI, and then update the UI once the calculation is complete. Attend this session to explore these new programming features.” Feature details […]

Business Central 2019 Release Wave 2 SaaS is available!

Business Central 2019 Release Wave 2 SaaS is available! Great day! Today October 1 2019, “Business Central 2019 Release Wave 2” is available on Cloud (SaaS) and on Docker distributions and soon the On-premise installation DVD will be available. All what’s new for this October’s release can be found on the ms-docs page (below the link), in next post I […]

Business Central, Best Posts Part I (April\August)

Business Central, Best Posts Part I (April\August) Business Central is growing The Business Central forum is growing, the Ideas portal has an endless series of suggestions, all speak about Business Central, are emerging new blogs only dedicated to Business Central. Lately, several post / articles on Business Central have been published, some are very interesting, to avoid being dispersed in […]

“How-To” Business Central Sandbox Environments

“How-To” Business Central Sandbox Environments ABOUT BC SANDBOX ENVIRONMENTS “The Sandbox environment feature is provided as a free preview solely for testing, development and evaluation. You will not use the Sandbox in a live operating environment. Microsoft may, in its sole discretion, change the Sandbox environment or subject it to a fee for a final, commercial version, if any, or may […]

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