Dynamics NAV New Books

Many ask in the forum about books\ebooks\kindles on Dynamics NAV 2017; actually there are no books on Dynamics NAV 2017 (…the same for Dynamics 365 Business Edition), many books have been updated at least to Dynamics NAV 2016.

Good News: “New books on Dynamics NAV will be released soon”.
Below you can find the title and release date of each book, i must point them, the upcoming books look very interesting !


You can find books on Amazon or on PacktPub (also from other sites)

https://www.amazon.com   https://www.packtpub.com/

NAV books

Books currently purchasable

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Third Edition (by Alex Chow)

hi already talked about this book long ago, take a look to my old post.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Financial Management – Second Edition
by Anju Bala

Extending Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Cookbook
by Alexander Drogin
http://amzn.to/2kAtgwG    at this time i’m writing a review of this book (Kindle)

Einstieg in Microsoft S Dynamics NAV: Microsoft® Dynamics(tm) NAV 2016
Books that will be released soon (only bookable books)

Building ERP Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (available from August 2017)
by Stefano Demiliani

Mastering Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (avalialble from September 2017)
Rabindra Sah

Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Fifth Edition (available from November 2017)

Have a nice reading !


Azure Days – Milano, 26 gennaio

“Azure Days”, 26 gennaio 2017 – 09:00 – 18:00


Fondazione Feltrinelli
Via Alessandro Volta 23, Milano (MI)
“Nell’era della Digital Transformation, il Cloud di Microsoft permette alle organizzazioni di realizzare il proprio percorso di innovazione garantendo sicurezza e scalabilità.
Azure è al centro di questo momento di trasformazione strategica grazie alle proprie caratteristiche in termini di compliance, funzionalità di sviluppo e di gestione della infrastruttura.
Partecipa agli Azure Days per approfondire tutti questi aspetti con l’aiuto di partners, ISV ed esperti del settore.”
Azure Days Short Link Evento  http://buff.ly/2iDNzcf

Dynamics NAV as SaaS …and 365 as IaaS

Dynamics NAV as SaaS (Software as a Service)
hi Guys,
some people have asked me information about this topic, below a little group of links about this topic (…old but actual).
ABOUT SAAS (Software as a service)
Introducing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Managed Service for Partners
Microsoft Definition:
“The Microsoft Dynamics NAV managed service enables Dynamics partners to easily offer SaaS solutions to their customers, deployed on Azure infrastructure and managed by Microsoft Cloud Engineers.  It reduces the operational, technical and administrative complexity of deploying and maintaining multi-tenant NAV solutions in the cloud while at the same time enables partners to leverage the latest and greatest Microsoft technology.”
“Following the launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, we are pleased to announce general availability of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV managed service for partners, a significant new option for Microsoft partners  interested in providing multitenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and deployed in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.”
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV managed service is a highly scalable and reliable platform-as-a-service offering that consists of:
Streamlined administration: A new management portal and web services API enable Microsoft partners to efficiently deploy, manage, upgrade and monitor Microsoft Dynamics NAV multitenant solutions on Microsoft Azure.
Simplified operations: Cloud-optimized licensing and billing helps partners deploy customers more quickly, manage users seamlessly, and receive a single bill from Microsoft for the service.
Microsoft Azure:  Auto-scaled, load-balanced and highly-available, the service utilizes Microsoft Azure, which includes many built-in benefits such as enterprise-class security, geo-replication, backup support, and point-in-time restore.
24×7 support from Microsoft: Microsoft Cloud Engineers monitor and maintain partner solutions, customers, and users, offering Microsoft partners a financially-backed SLA of 99.9% availability.
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV managed service has been in preview since April 2015, with partner solutions and customers live on the service today.
Partners interested in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV managed service can find more information at:
…some other useful links:
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 now available, as is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 managed service for partners
ABOUT IAAS  (Infrastucture as a service)
and now … “THE IaaS ERA”… (from NAV TechDays 2016- Mibuso)
nice video here:
THE “NAVTechDays 2016 Playlist” (ALL VIDEOS)

Dynamics 365 and more: What you need to know

Dynamics 365 and more: What you need to know

Nice page with a lot of information about Microsoft Dynamics Business & Cloud: “What you need to know”.


About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Satya Nadella Announces Microsoft Dynamics 365 at WPC 2016.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Designed to help change the nature of digital work within organizations of all sizes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers business users with built-in insights and intelligence within the business applications they’re working in – applications like field service, sales, finance, and operations.

As a result, Microsoft Dynamics 365:
– Introduces a disruptive and customer centric business model to build what you want and buy just the capabilities you need, while ensuring all roles have access to all the data they need to be successful in their jobs
– Helps organizations move from monolithic application suites to purpose-built, SaaS applications with intelligence built-in
– Integrates Microsoft Office 365”

Latest video about Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions

“ALL” Social Links

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/msftdynamics
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft-dynamics
Twitter https://twitter.com/msftdynamics
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/msdyncomm/playlists

Microsoft Dynamics 365 news

Microsoft Dynamics 365 news


Rethink what’s possible for your business with intelligent business apps in the cloud“, “Helping customers transform with a new approach to business process”

Dynamics 365 & AppSource

Deep integration between Dynamics 365 and Office 365 will connect the structured workflow of business apps with the unstructured work of collaboration and Productivity.

Available this fall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 evolves our current CRM and ERP cloud solutions into one cloud service with new purpose-built apps to help manage specific business functions, including: Financials, Field Service, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Project Service Automation and Customer Service.

Dynamics 365 apps are designed so they can be easily and independently deployed. That means you can start small and pay only for what you need. Yet they work together seamlessly so, as your business demands, you can grow into additional capabilities with ease. They include built-in insights, predictive intelligence and workflow optimization, all of which will be delivered through simple, easy-to-use, mobile experiences with offline capabilities.

“Power BI and Cortana” Intelligence will be natively embedded to help customers achieve their business goals with predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps.

Customers can learn more about Dynamics 365 here and about AppSource here.

SourceMicrosoft Dynamics 365 by Takeshi Numoto posted on Official Microsoft Blog

Dynamics 365 best Images from presentations

365 2

365 3

Dynamics 365 best links from Microsoft








My opinion:  … Madeira…Dynamics 365 & AppSource …   lot of changes scheduled in Autumn i think! … i will serch more information about these topics asap! STAY TUNED !

“Microsoft Cloud”, Solutions for empowering business

“Microsoft Cloud”, Solutions for empowering business

“When it comes to the cloud, trust and security are Paramount.”

We’re creating technology that becomes essential but invisible, to help you build something amazing — whether you need on-demand scalability, technology to connect your people, or real-time data insights. The Microsoft Cloud is designed to empower your business, so you can do more and achieve more.

Source: Microsoft Cloud

Free ebook: “Enterprise Cloud Strategy” – Microsoft Press – MSDN Blogs

MICROSOFT PRESS publishes on Microsoft tools & technologies, plus programming best practices. Our blog offers book info, links to ebooks, & other good stuff. Enjoy!

Source: Free ebook: Enterprise Cloud Strategy – Microsoft Press – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Powershell Script to create a “Self-Signed Certificate” that works on Dynamics NAV Ipad APP

Powershell Script to create a “Self-Signed Certificate” that works on Dynamics NAV Ipad APP



Automated scripts (with Powershell) to create a self-signed certificate usable for Dynamics NAV App on Ipad (if you haven’t a Real Commercial Verified Certificate)

This “Powershell automation Script” is based on manual procedure existing in this post How to get Microsoft Dynamics NAV for tablets to connect using a self-signed certificate” by NAV Team Blog and also based on some scripts by Duilio Tacconi of Microsoft Support Emea. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/nav/archive/2014/10/09/how-to-get-microsoft-dynamics-nav-for-tablets-to-connect-using-a-self-signed-certificate.aspx

STEP 1: REQUIREMENTS FOR USE PRE-USE CERTIFICATE “SELF-SIGNED” – Best Practice Microsoft  suggest  to use a valid certificate (ex: Purchased from Verisign) – Suggested (but not mandatory) is to install at least the cumulative NAV Update 8 2015 (CU8), it needs to use better management of self-signed certificate (unofficial, not from Vendor).


  • First, if you have already created certificates for use with App and these don’t work, remove them all using the console:


STEP 3: PROCEDURE FOR CREATING A NEW SELF-SIGNED CERTIFICATE – This procedure must be used after the installation of Navision Server. CREATION (BUILD) OF NEW CERTIFICATE – This procedure creates / uses a new self-signed certificate – Unzip the file with everything you need (KIT PRE-EXISTING available to Deploy NAV on AZURE), put in the default example C:\Certificates\Initialize\Initialize\”

 Initialize Standard.ZIP File



This file has been modified to the case: “Self-Signed Certificate tested on iPad App” (was commented on what is not needed in our test case environment and changed the parameters)   Open the file with Powershell ISE as administrator (Run as administrator) and check the settings and make changes if necessary.

SCRIPT:  InstallCert.ps1 , SCRIPT :Certificate.Ps1

Download Powershell Scripts Form here:  POWERSHELL FILES CERTIFICATE  or from my GITHUB Branch “Self-Signed-Certificate” https://github.com/rstefanetti/Powershell/tree/Self-Signed-Certificate





STEP 4:  Running the file “InstallCert.ps1”

  • From line to line with F8 (debug) in powershell ISE so if there are errors you can understand and correct, or run the entire script with F5 if you are unsure.

STEP 5: INPUT PARAMETERS Two parameters are requested:

  • The first (Default Login)


-The second: (NAV Server: press enter taking one proposed)

step5 2

The script stops and restarts the services, once finished, take the certificate and send it on iPad (example à send to email) STEP 6: INSTALLATION CERTIFICATE ON IPAD -Click on the file in the mail and follow the installation procedure on Ipad. STEP 7: LAUNCH DYNAMICS NAV APP -Finished open “Dynamics NAV App” and enter the address

“To Run” Dynamics NAV Ipad App

  • Download Ipad App : Dynamics NAV from App Store
<li><b>Install Certificate on Ipad (Double Click on .CER File)</b><strong> </strong></li>
<li>Run Ipad App and set <strong>NAV Server Link</strong> : <strong>EXAMPLE </strong><a href="https://navserver.cloudapp.net/DynamicsNAV80/WebClient">https://navserver.cloudapp.net/DynamicsNAV80/WebClient</a></li>
<li>Insert username e password User: NAV (DOMAIN\User) PWD:  PasswordBINGO !</li>

BINGO ! …. Have a nice Day !