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“WMES” Mobile APP (Warehouse & MES Mobile APP)

“WMES” Mobile APP (Warehouse & MES Mobile APP) WMES Mobile APP: “La App Xamarin & Zebra Android che consente di accedere da mobile a Microsoft Dynamics NAV e Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud & On-Premise” La piattaforma è installabile su tutti i Dynamics NAV \ Business Central che permettono l’interfacciamento con Web Services, con […]

MVP Award #4

I’m very proud and honored to have been renewed as MVP for Business Applications for another year! (4Th). Thanks Cristina González Herrero and the whole MVP Award team at Microsoft! #MicrosoftMVP #MVPbuzz #MSDYN365BC #Microsoft #Microsoft #GreatCommunity #BusinessCentral Post Views: 692

Graphical planning tools in Dynamics NAV and Business Central

“Standard Planning” in Dynamics NAV and in Business Central The complete\detailed planning in Dynamics 365 Business Central (and in Dynamics NAV sure..) is done through the MPS\MRP planning which can be launched from the planning worksheet (you can find some posts on the planning parameters in this blog); However, it is also possible to use […]

My new book on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central

My new book on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central: “Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central” This title is available to pre-order now and is expected to be published in February 2019.   Topics “This book will take you from introducing Dynamics NAV 2018 to exploring all the techniques related to implementation and […]

My new eBook “NAV Modern Technology * Notes *”

My new eBook “NAV Modern Technology Notes – From C/AL to Microsoft AL” Hi guys, my new eBook “NAV Modern Technology – Notes” will be released on February 05, 2018  NAV Modern Technology Notes – From C/AL to Microsoft AL EBOOK TOPICS WELCOME TO “NEW ERA” EVENTS, WORKFLOW, EXTENSIONS EXTENSIONS 2.0 NEW MODERN DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT C/AL […]

Dynamics NAV and GDPR (EU)

“Microsoft is dedicated to helping our partners and customers meet the requirements of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that applies to all EU citizens and businesses. By May 2018, all supported versions of Dynamics NAV will be updated for GDPR compliance. We are also working on a whitepaper that will help you make your solution […]


Hi guys ! Friday, December 1, 2017, Welcome to NAV 2018 ! ANNOUNCING AND DOWNLOAD LINK https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/global/deployment/downloads/product-releases/msdnav2018download https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/2017/12/01/announcing-the-general-availability-of-microsoft-dynamics-nav-2018/   Soluzioni EDP NAV 2018 Launch Pages Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018: è qui! http://www.soluzioniedp.it/articolo/novita/microsoft-dynamics-nav-2018-qui/31ec382efc7414069b6eee9530790919/ Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 http://www.soluzioniedp.it/soluzioni/applicazioni-erp/6d5e3f9a2303d552819779ef26d0aa64/microsoft-dynamics-nav-2018/fa810a70d91bb00efc418ddbf8cacf13/ GREAT ! #MVPBUZZ #DYNDEV #SEDP  #NAV-lab #NAV 2018 What’s New Post Views: 8,538

Posting with Limited Users ? NO.

Posting with Limited Users? NO. Some questions about “posting with limited users” Why this post? In forums there are several posts on this topic, what can I do with light users? can you post transactions with these type of users? The answer is “NO”,  you can not use light users to post transactions, even with […]

October updates for Dynamics NAV Development Preview and 365FOBE

This month “TWO updates in one day”. Good ! NAV Development Preview – October Update Web client add-ins, Dictionary and List, ForEach is back, New translation syntax, Installation and Upgrade, Designer https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/nav/2017/10/12/nav-development-preview-october-update/ New capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition – October 2017 Alternative vendors, Trial Balance added to Excel reports, Azure Active Directory Authentication for […]

Nice scripts to install NAV RTC

Nice scripts to install NAV RTC nice posts on NAVUG by W Mak and Mathew Ealy about this topic. The following batch file can detect and install RTC clients on workstations @echo off wmic product get name,version /format:csv | find “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 RoleTailored Client,10.0.14199.0” if %errorlevel%==0 ( goto:1 ) else ( goto:2 ) […]

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