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“Ideas” for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials

“Help us to improve Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its family of products and solutions by discussing ideas, providing suggestions, and giving feedback. Use the forums listed below for the respective areas.”: This is Dynamics 365 Ideas !

Home site Dynamics 365 Ideas

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A new section of this forum is available: “Ideas for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials”


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others useful sections

Posting Guidelines

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

…ideas and suggestions are welcome !

Microsoft Forum 2017

Microsoft Forum 2017

Mercoledì 8 marzoMiCo, Gate 3, Viale Scarampo, Milano



La 2Rivoluzione Industriale 4.0″ e i cambiamenti che sta generando sul mercato

La 2a edizione del più grande evento annuale di Microsoft rivolto ai decisori aziendali.
Dove l’industria italiana e l’innovazione convergono e danno vita a nuova conoscenza e nuove idee.”

Sessioni tematiche: cybersecurity, big data & analytics, intelligenza artificiale e cognitive services, IoT, smart working e smart collaboration, cloud computing, CRM & ERP, licensing.

Link  Evento

Registrazione Evento

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LE SOLUZIONI INNOVATIVE DI NAV-lab al Microsoft Forum 2017

Anche quest’anno il gruppo NAV-lab partecipa attivamente all’evento e si pone tra i principali propositori di innovazione verso le PMI e verso la PA.

I nostri specialisti Dynamics vi accoglieranno nel nostro stand per ascoltare le vostre esigenze e fornirvi risposte concrete per la loro realizzazione:
Sempre nello stand vi presenteremo le nostre soluzioni specialistiche basate su Tempo Zero per Microsoft Dynamics NAV e Microsoft Dynamics 365 e vi mostreremo come abbiamo reso POSSIBILI progetti sofisticati sui nostri clienti.


Vieni a trovarci !

“How-to” implement a Copy Loop in Word report layouts

“How-to” implement a Copy Loop in Word report layouts

Some time ago, I found this post on Microsoft Dynamics Community about: “No. of Copies” doesn’t work in Word Layout reports, “No. of Copies” works only on RDLC reports.


Report 1306 Standard Sales – Invoice, “N. Copies” on request page

Post Topic

“Hi experts,

I had to produce a report via Word layout in NAV 2015 and it had the “No. of Copies” option on the request page. However, this option doesn’t have any effect on the word report and it only prints one copy. If required to print more copies, the user has to either save or preview the word report and then do it as if from a word document.

Will the option “No. of Copies” only works for RDLC reports or is there a way I can get it working on the word layout as well?

Your comments/help will be much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards.”

Post Source

My Answer …after some tests:

“Hi, you are right!… “No. of Copies” doesn’t work in Word Layout report! .. after this i asked (some days ago) to NAV Team for a product improvementworkaround.”

Product Suggestion

“N. of copies” with Word Layout Reports.

I know that the option “No. of Copies” works only for RDLC reports (by design i think, this option is not existing on Mini World layout sample Reports) or is there a way i can get it working on the word layout as well?

If a user, either required printing more copies, this user has to “save” or “preview” the word report and then do it as if from a word document.

May be useful for “Post and Print” feature (“to print more copies.”..)

You can find my Product Suggestion here:

@Today, Solution is delivered by NAV Team Blog

“Because many partners asked to have this feature, an official solution (by my friend Duilio Tacconi of Microsoft) is today available. I tested this solution in preview before the post was published n NAV Team Blog, is a nice workaround, useful for “Post & Print” feature.

Source from NAV Team Blog

How to implement a Copy Loop in Word report layouts

Well Done!

Announcing the Preview of Development Tools for Dynamics NAV – Nice Christmas!

“Tools are available in preview from today”!  AWESOME !!

  • The in-client designer
  • Visual Studio Code

Start from here:

In-Client Designer

InClient - Adding-a-field.gif

Visual Studio Code


New Development Environment “What’s New” here:

Developing Extensions Using the New Development Environment

In-Client Designer

Differences in the Dynamics NAV Development Environments

Keyboard Shortcuts for the New Development Environment

Developer Reference


Full Documentation here:

Tools overview

Getting Started guide

Object overview and AL language Changes


GitHub Bug Branch

Source: Announcing the Preview of Development Tools for Dynamics NAV – Dynamics NAV Team Blog

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Microsoft AL: AL language code samples for developing extensions #DYNDEV365

#DYNDEV365 , Microsoft AL by Microsoft Modern Dev Team

As you likely know, “Microsoft is developing new tooling for working with On Premise NAV and Dynamics 365 for Financials“. Those tools will be available later in December (announced some weeks ago @Directions Events) and in the meantime, we’d like to share some code with you so you can get familiar (and excited) about it.

We’ll add more code samples here but in the meantime, we’d really like you to:
Have a look at the “Hello World code” -> Check out the differences between classic C/AL txt format and the new .al format.




“Welcome to the code sample repo for developing extensions to Dynamics NAV.”

This repo contains AL language code samples for developing extensions on the Dynamics NAV platform. We’re not yet in preview, so this repo is meant as a way for you to get familiar with the new syntax and provide feedback.

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.


Great Job ! .. “AL” you are Welcome !

by Microsoft Modern Dev Team,  #DYNDEV365

More Information About the Developer Preview for Dynamics NAV – 13/12/2016

by NAV Team,  #DYNDEV365