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Azure Days – Milano, 26 gennaio

“Azure Days”, 26 gennaio 2017 – 09:00 – 18:00


Fondazione Feltrinelli
Via Alessandro Volta 23, Milano (MI)
“Nell’era della Digital Transformation, il Cloud di Microsoft permette alle organizzazioni di realizzare il proprio percorso di innovazione garantendo sicurezza e scalabilità.
Azure è al centro di questo momento di trasformazione strategica grazie alle proprie caratteristiche in termini di compliance, funzionalità di sviluppo e di gestione della infrastruttura.
Partecipa agli Azure Days per approfondire tutti questi aspetti con l’aiuto di partners, ISV ed esperti del settore.”
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Directions EMEA 2016, the biggest NAV event

Directions EMEA 2016, the biggest NAV event

October 12-14, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic




Meet Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners and experts as well as the Microsoft team and ISVs in Prague on October 12-14, 2016!

Top 10 Reasons for Attending !



“Until July 31 (midday), you can take advantage of the Early Bird pricing.”

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actually… 1000 registered !


NAV 2016, “ALL” about Events

NAV 2016, “ALL” about Events

Some pages about NAV 2016 Events Technology…


NAV Team Blog
Integration Events in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

MSDN Online

Events in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This section contains the following topics about events.
– Introducing Events
– Publishing Events
– Raising Events
– Subscribing to Events
– Debugging Events
– Best Practices with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Events
– Walkthrough: Publishing, Raising, and Subcribing to an Event in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
– Walkthrough: Implementing New Workflow Events and Responses


Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports different types of events for different purposes. This topic describes the following event types:
– Business Events
– Integration Events
– Global Events
– Database Trigger Events
– Page Trigger Events

Best Practices with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Events

Walkthrough: Implementing New Workflow Events and Responses

Walkthrough: Publishing, Raising, and Subcribing to an Event in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

How to: Create Workflows

Source NAV Team Blog & MSDN Online

Directions EMEA, NAV 2016 Sessions, October 5-7, 2015

NAV2016 – Day 1 Sessions, Mannheim, Germany, October 5-7, 2015


– Dynamics NAV2016, Works Natively with CRM
– Dynamics NAV2016, Application extensibility
– Dynamics NAV2016, E-Everything, Document Management & OCR
– Dynamics NAV2016, Universal apps for all your devices
– Dynamics NAV2016, Workflows out of the box
– Dynamics NAV2016, Workflow for developers
– Dynamics NAV2016, Finance enhancements
– Dynamics NAV2016, RapidStart Test
– Dynamics NAV2016, 60 Web client enhancements
– Dynamics NAV2016, on Azure SQL
– Dynamics NAV2016, Small improvements that make a big difference
– Dynamics NAV2016, POWER BI



NAV TECH DAYS 2015: My NAV 2016 favorite sessions

NAV TECH DAYS 2015: 19 & 20 November 2015 , Antwerp (Belgium)


Below “my NAV 2016 favorite sessions and pre-sessions\workshops” from full program.

NAV 2016: Workflow, Dynamics CRM Integration and Events

“Introduction to working with and implementing new workflows, getting started with Dynamics CRM integration and designing event publishers and subscribers in Dynamics NAV 2016.
This session will include a practical example of how to create and extend workflows, extending the out of the box Dynamics CRM integration and using events and other great new features introduced in Dynamics NAV 2016.”

NAV 2016:Phone Client/Webclient Enanchement/Windows 10

“With this release of Dynamics NAV we are bringing your NAV application on all devices. Join us for a tour of the Dynamics NAV 2016 Web client with a new fast and fluid user interface and enhancements to simplicity, productivity and performance.
Take a deep dive into the new phone client with its’ rich set of capabilities and support for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Learn how easily you can develop for one or all form factors, taking advantage of device hardware such as Camera and Location.”

NAV 2016: Electronic document management & OCR

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 provides seamless integration with OCR, currency exchange rate and document exchange services. You can now capture on devices the invoice received from your vendor and using OCR service and workflow you can automate the full process including posting the document. Working with different vendors/customers on different currencies can be tedious but now you can keep your currency exchange rates up-to-date using the currency exchange rate services. Also exchanging documents (PEPPOL format and not only) electronically is one click away using the newly implemented document exchange functionality.
After this session, you will learn how to exchange documents electronically with your business partners, receive and process pdf/image invoices through OCR services and keep your currency rates up-to-date and not the least, managing the incoming documents into one single place.”

19-11 Pre-Session\Workshops
NAV ALM using Team Foundation Server

TFS is a powerful ALM (Application lifecycle management) tool that can support your NAV development projects. Secure your code with history using TFS source control or easily propagate your product to your customer projects. Track bugs and plan your work using TFS work items. Design and manage your test using TFS test manager and even build your fobs using the TFS build system.
But how to do this with the NAV development environment that is not integrated with Visual Studio?
In this workshop Dynamics NAV MVP Luc van Vugt will show you how to use Team Foundation Server with NAV development. Based on hands-on labs you will learn how to setup and configure TFS to support you’re Dynamics NAV development to support your daily work.

Working with Powershell & NAV
During this workshop, I will make you familiar with PowerShell, and what NAV has to offer within PowerShell. We’ll use the existing commandlets, enhance them, look into the existing PowerShell scripts, learn from them and also enhance them. All with practical and useful examples which we will create during the workshop.

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