NAV 2017 “Task Scheduler”

In this post i will write about “NAV 2017 Task Scheduler”,  NAV 2017 Task Scheduler is an evolution of Job Queue Technology (ex Process Queue, Microsoft returned to old name for name for Job Queue..); Microsoft has reviewed\improved\extended the old Job Queue Technology and now Task Sheduler is a great new feature ready for “Complex Scheduling” … Read more

NAV 2017 “Assisted Setup”

in this short post, i will talk about a new feature of NAV 2017: “Assisted Setup”. “Assisted setup” is a nice feature (composed by a lot of wizards ready to use..) useful to guide your users through setup scenarios. With this feature is possible: – use a predefined set of data to setup main features … Read more

NAV 2017 is available for download !

hi guys..good news: “NAV 2017 is available for download !” … download it NOW !!! Download links have a great day (or night… it’s “00.37” time now!) and downloads time ! #NAV 2018 What’s New Post Views: 1,582


NAV 2017 WHAT’S NEW “WhatsNewNAV2017” flyer is available for partners on Partnersource (..available from Yesterday , September 23, 2016) …you can download now this document from link below (if you are partner or customer…) DOWNLOAD LINKS: Partnersource Radiness training news PAGE or from “NAV 2017 GET READY PAGE” All links about NAV 2017 … Read more

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