Description of the Number of Databases You Are Allowed to Run with a Microsoft Dynamics NAV License – Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource

Scenario: NAV with test & production environments  …using customer license in more databases. …many questions about this topic in Microsoft Dynamics Community. look at this post: “Correct Answer” by Microsoft “Each Microsoft Dynamics NAV production database requires a separate Microsoft Dynamics NAV license file.” With one Microsoft Dynamics NAV license, you are allowed to run one Microsoft Dynamics NAV […]

About NAV 2016 Limited Users

“Limited Users” get restricted access to the ERP Solution to complete only the following tasks: “Read” access to any data contained in the ERP solution and “Write” access to a maximum of 3 table objects with the following exceptions: Limited users are not authorized to write directly or indirectly to the following tables: General Ledger Entry (table number 17), Permission […]

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