Session Killer

DMT – Data Migration Toolkit

DMT (Data Migration Toolkit) v3.0 I have added some features to the very simple tool (which was born to launch only XML), they are simple but they can be useful. Features Delete Data from Tables ALL Sessions Killer Table Runner XMLPort Runner XMLPort Runner LOG And an example of XML (simple).   ON MENU’ – […]

Business Central SaaS – Kill Sessions

It could happen that the messages “another user has modified” or “a table is locked by another user” appear, in this case you have to wait for the situation to be unlocked, by letting the users out or waiting. Currently the only way to break the deadlocks wait and wait… get all users out, check […]

“ALL ABOUT” Kill (In)active Sessions when “no more licenses”

Sometimes it happens that there are “no more licenses available” for Dynamics NAV, from NAV 2013 R2 and next releases, it’s necessary to run the Windows Client or to use Powershell statements to kill some sessions and unlock others. If you are unable to access to NAV (“no more licenses”), you should need to use […]

SQL Sessions Killer 2.0

SQL Sessions Killer 2.0 If you have some issues about “there are no more NAV license availables.. you can’t login” and issues seem caused by multiple sessions consumed by NAS and NAV Users (user with multilple logins not closed etc..), you can create and schedule these SQL stored procedure to kill inactive NAS & Inactive Users […]

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