New NAV 2016 videos about “extensions”

New NAV 2016 videos about “extensions” In the “NAV Videos” section of the Dynamics Community, new videos have been added about use of extensions in NAV 2016. You can find them at this link: New Videos: How Do I Build a Basic Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extension How Do I Build My Own Development Environment … Read more

Microsoft Dynamics Youtube Channel

Microsoft Dynamics Youtube Channel NAV 2016 Videos Source: Microsoft Dynamics Post Views: 1,101

NAV 2016 Videos – updated List

NAV 2016 Videos – updated list The following videos are available on Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal. Go to Dynamics Learning Portal and search for the title to run a video. Dynamics NAV 2016 Video Series How Do I: Configure and Access the Content Package for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016? How Do I: Create an Invoice Using … Read more

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